November 2010

Can Victoza help people with type 1 diabetes? See what Novo Nordisk has to say inside.


Kelly puts the spotlight on Senior Editor Jim Hirsch: his career as an author, his prolific history at diaTribe, and his reflections on World Diabetes Day.

(S)he said what?!?

World Diabetes Day 2010... Japanese style.

Imagine dreaming about waking up alive inside a body bag. Vietnam veteran Urban Miyares did, but it wasn’t exactly a dream... 

Life without insulin? Impossible, right?  Thea Cooper and Arthur Ainsberg’s Breakthrough recounts the remarkable story of insulin’s discovery.

Is Byetta better than Lantus for my diabetic neuropathy? Should my toddler use a continuous glucose monitor? 

Find out what’s happening this World Diabetes Day (November 14th), including the Big Blue Test that Manny is urging us all to check out.