February 2012

Traveling to Malawi with type 1 diabetes: four days back home, Jim Hirsch details an amazing (and dramatic) trip to Africa…


Kelly reflects on how three ‘small’ changes in diabetes and obesity care may have gigantic long-term effects.

Why does diabetes cause different health complications? How can they be avoided and how can we address them?

Have artificial pancreas studies finally moved beyond hospitals? How can the largest type 1 patient registry in the US change how we manage diabetes?

Does Medtronic’s Veo insulin pump reduce the risk for nocturnal hypoglycemia? Can an anti-CD3 therapy prevent or delay the onset of type 1 diabetes?

(S)he said what?!?

The modern-day obesity epidemic...

Why Qnexa, a new anti-obesity medication, is now just inches away from FDA approval. Plus, the latest on the first once-weekly diabetes drug to become available in the US. Also...