July 2013

One step closer to an inhaled insulin, combining insulin infusion and CGM, a new glucagon pen, and much more...


We ask ACA expert Dr. Jack Lord all the hard questions on healthcare coverage and reimbursement.

The artificial pancreas takes center stage at ADA, but can the FDA keep up without more resources? 

(S)he said what!?

How can you change bad habits and achieve your health goals? Adam offers ten tips for success.

A whole new approach to treating type 2 diabetes at diagnosis, a new type of metformin, and the benefit of adding a GLP-1 agonist to insulin.

At ADA this year, type 2 drugs for type 1 diabetes show lots of promise. Plus, the latest exciting data on the Medtronic Veo and hypoglycemia.

A record-breaking summer…

How much can an overnight closed loop system improve blood glucose control? Can a drug treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy?