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“This Little Diabetes Book You Need to Read” and “My TCOYD newsletter”

Published: 10/31/07
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Run, Don't Walk, to Pick up the Little Diabetes Book YOU Need To Read!

We strongly encourage you to go pick up The Little Diabetes Book YOU Need to Read. This quick-reading, constructive book will serve you well in devising or refining your diabetes game plan.


My TCOYD Newsletter

The TCOYD conference was founded and is currently directed by our very own advisory board member, Dr. Steve Edelman. Dr. Edelman is an incredibly respected thought-leader in diabetes treatment, research, and education who knows first hand what it means to live with type 1 diabetes. Every three months, he releases an excellent publication called My TCOYD Newsletter, with some fascinating stories often involving his own patients. Here, we highlight last quarter's issue of My TCOYD Newsletter.


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