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Adam Brown’s "Bright Spots & Landmines" is Now Available!

Updated: 8/14/21 4:00 amPublished: 5/9/17
By Adam Brown

By Adam Brown

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Exciting news from right here at diaTribe: Today marks the official release of diaTribe senior editor Adam Brown’s new book, Bright Spots & Landmines: The Diabetes Guide I Wish Someone Had Handed Me! In this highly actionable guide, Adam shares his best tips for tackling Food, Mindset, Exercise, and Sleep. Through a series of guided questions, Bright Spots & Landmines also helps you find strategies that work best for you. Whether you live with type 1, type 2, or prediabetes, this book will help you find Bright Spots that make life better today.

There are three options to get it:

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Throughout the day, diaTribe will celebrate the launch on social media, including a Facebook Live Q&A with Adam and Kelly.

You can enter our sweepstakes here for a chance to win a free paperback copy!

About Bright Spots & Landmines:

Adam Brown’s acclaimed diaTribe column, Adam’s Corner, has brought life-transforming diabetes tips to over 600,000 people since 2013. In this highly actionable guide, he shares the specific food, mindset, exercise, and sleep strategies that have had a transformative impact on his diabetes. This book is filled with hundreds of effective tips, questions, and shortcuts, including

  • FOOD: What to eat to minimize blood sugar swings, plus strategies for navigating breakfast, grocery shopping, and restaurants.

  • MINDSET: How to conquer diabetes stress, guilt, burnout, frustration, perfectionism, and low motivation.

  • EXERCISE: How to avoid highs and lows during exercise, fit activity into a busy life, and actually enjoy exercise.

  • SLEEP: How to get better rest and optimize bedtime routines. 

Along the way, Adam argues that the usual focus on problems and mistakes in diabetes (Landmines) misses the bigger opportunity: Bright Spots. By identifying what’s working and finding ways to do those things more often, we can live better today.

Bright Spots & Landmines is written from a patient perspective, packaged in a visually gorgeous and interactive format, strengthened by input from the world-class diaTribe advisory board, and guided by 500+ years of diabetes experience in the draft feedback process. From the start, Adam has had one goal: writing a book that anyone with diabetes can pick up and immediately improve some aspect of his or her life.

“A superb and compelling read...In these pages you will find years of lessons learned and tips you can immediately apply in your own life with diabetes.”

– Dr. Francine Kaufman, Author, Diabesity; Endocrinologist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Chief Medical Officer at Medtronic Diabetes

“When I picked up this book, my A1c was 9.3%. After just a month, I’m down to 8.3% and still falling! Every person with diabetes, young or old, should read Bright Spots & Landmines. I plan to be one of Adam’s biggest success stories.”

– Steve Mallinson, 24 years living with diabetes

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About the authors

Adam Brown joined diaTribe in 2010 as a Summer Associate, became Managing Editor in 2011, and served as Senior Editor through 2019. Adam brings almost two decades of personal experience... Read the full bio »