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Age-Appropriate Informational Book Series Released for Type 1 Diabetes

Novo Nordisk and JDRF partnership creates six-part series, now online

Novo Nordisk and the JDRF recently announced the release of a six-part informational book series for young people with type 1 diabetes and their caregivers. 

The series, “My Life, My Diabetes, My Way,” includes material geared to specific age groups,  ranging from toddlers to young adults. These booklets aim to help younger persons with diabetes and their caregivers better address and navigate age-specific issues.

The series will be divided to cater to different audiences:

  • Newly-diagnosed patients

  • Caregivers

  • Children 2-6 years old

  • Children 7-11 years old

  • Teenagers 12-16 years old

  • Young adults 17-24 years old

The series is now available for online download. Look out for hard copies coming to endocrinologist and pediatric offices nationwide.

These resources should serve as a welcome complement to Disney and Lilly’s collaboration that previously produced children’s books on Coco the monkey – the first Disney character with diabetes. –YY/LK

[Photo Credit: Cornerstones4Care]

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