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Ambio Health Announces FDA Clearance of its Remote Health Monitoring System

Updated: 8/14/21 9:00 amPublished: 8/26/13
By Adam BrownKelly Close

On July 30, Ambio Health announced FDA clearance of its Remote Health Monitoring System, which can wirelessly send readings from the AgaMatrix Presto blood glucose meter to a web-based portal. The system can also automatically upload readings from a Homedics blood pressure monitor, the Ambio health digital scale, a home-based motion sensor, and door/window sensors. The AgaMatrix Presto meter and Homedics monitor are not wireless devices, so Ambio includes a small, plug-and-play USB connector that plugs into each device. This connector then wirelessly communicates with a gateway which sends the data to the cloud. The data can be accessed online, and patients and caregivers can also receive customized reminders and alerts. The gateway requires internet access, so it is different from products like Dexcom Share, or Telcare’s meter, which use cellular networks and don’t need to be plugged in. Ambio is charging an upfront cost for the devices (e.g., $44.97 for the Presto with the Ambio wireless connector and gateway), as well as a $4.99 per month subscription fee. This represents an easy-to-use alternative for patients to get their data to their health care providers and to keep their caregivers in the loop. We have also heard about other integrated and seamless ways to collect data with new blood glucose meters, such as Sanofi/AgaMatrix’s iBGStar, LifeScan’s OneTouch VerioSync, and Telcare’s meter. Sanofi and Telcare’s meters have already launched, and we hope to see the VerioSync, now approved, launch sometime soon.  –AB/KC 

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