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CGM, Pump, and Predictive Software Coming to Glooko! The Latest on its Device Downloading Platform and App

Updated: 8/14/21 7:00 amPublished: 4/2/15
By Adam Brown

Twitter Summary: @GlookoInc announces plans to add CGM, pump & predictive algorithms to #diabetes management platform. Patients can now buy MeterSync Blue for $59

Glooko recently received $16.5 million from investors to expand its diabetes data management platform to CGM and insulin pumps. The company’s already-available MeterSync Blue adaptor and Apple/Android mobile app can download and display data from 30+ blood glucose meters and many popular activity trackers. This funding will help expand the capabilities to Asante’s pump, Dexcom’s CGM, and potentially other devices too (Insulet and Medtronic pumps are in the works, as we understand it).

Glooko also plans to add predictive software capable of new types of analysis, such as interpreting blood glucose data alongside exercise and diet information and then making provider suggestions about how insulin delivery settings should change, as well as bringing more analytics around infusion set changes, suspends, and temp basals. These are highly welcome from a patient perspective, since interpreting diabetes device data is tough, even for experienced patients and healthcare providers.

Last, Glooko has launched a direct-to-consumer version of this product, where patients can now buy a year-long MeterSync Blue subscription plan for $59 – this gives access to the adaptor, mobile app, and web interface. Previously, the Glooko system was only available through insurance companies and health systems. It is encouraging to see that many more patients will now be able to get direct access to the company’s simplified downloading system. –AB/MRV

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