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The Changing Diabetes Bus is Back Along with the Village!

Published: 6/30/08

The Changing Diabetes Bus, sponsored by Novo Nordisk, was set up on Pier 39 during the ADA meeting in June in San Francisco. It arrived from a tour in India and is next headed back to Europe. We were thrilled to see the community getting involved with more than 6,000 visitors and over 800 health screenings performed over three days. Local area residents with diabetes stopped by and talked about living with diabetes – having a mother with type 1, a best friend with type 2, or a sister with gestational diabetes – and about how exciting it was for the Bus to be in such a popular location in the community. Ms. Catherine Dodd, the Deputy Chief of Health and Human Services from the Mayor of San Francisco’s office, also stopped by to talk about the local commitment to fight diabetes. She noted that Mayor Gavin Newsom has received pledges from several schools for kids to have a “soda-free summer.” The mayor’s office is also implementing a fee on soda sales at the end of the summer. Go Team Newsom!

Drew Lachey (recently of Dancing With the Stars and previously with the group, 98 Degrees) was on site to announce the winners of the Dancin’ to Change Diabetes contest and talk about diabetes affecting his life. Drew said hauling the Bus to Capitol Hill, parking it on the Mall, and bringing every single member of Congress through the Bus for education and a health screening would have the largest possible impact on our country.

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