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Type 2

New Oral GLP-1 From Pfizer May Be on the Way

Pfizer has provided an update on its oral GLP-1 medication danuglipron. If approved, danuglipron could be an additional option for people living with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Pfizer is moving forward with the clinical development of a new oral GLP-1 medicine called danuglipron for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Pfizer plans to further evaluate the safety and efficacy of the drug in clinical trials. If successful, danuglipron could be another option for people living with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Data on danuglipron shows promise 

Preliminary results from a phase 2 study of danuglipron have shown promising outcomes on both A1C and weight loss. 

Participants taking danuglipron experienced dose-dependent reductions in A1C (up to 1.16%), fasting plasma glucose levels (up to 33.24 mg/dL), and body weight (9 pounds) over a 16-week period. These positive effects, combined with mild side effects comparable to other GLP-1 medications, suggest that danuglipron could be an effective treatment option. 

Significance for people with diabetes

Currently, the only oral GLP-1 medication is Rybelsus (semaglutide), and it has not been approved for weight loss. Pfizer's drug in development might appeal to people who seek a weight loss drug but wish to avoid injections. 

Additionally, the dose-dependent reductions in A1C, glucose levels, and body weight during the phase 2 study suggested both improved diabetes control and potential weight loss.

Other companies like Novo Nordisk have also shared encouraging results from clinical trials for once-daily oral semaglutide shown to be effective for weight management in people with obesity.

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