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Type 2

Whether you have type 2 diabetes, are a caregiver or loved one of a person with type 2, or just want to learn more, we have many resources to give you an overview of type 2 diabetes.

New to type 2 diabetes? Visit our Newly Diagnosed page for a variety of resources to help you navigate the journey. You can also check out "Starting Point: Type 2 Diabetes Basics" for some of the basics: what is diabetes, what are its symptoms, how is it treated, helpful links, and more.

Read Adam Brown's Bright Spots & Landmines: The Diabetes Guide I Wish Someone Had Handed Me for hundreds of tips on better managing diabetes.

What's new

Having a consistent, meaningful dialogue with your healthcare team about Time in Range can help you adjust and improve your diabetes management. We sat down with Ellyn Grantham, who has been living with type 2 diabetes for 20 years, along with her healthcare provider, to better understand what type of communication works best. Continue Reading »

diaTribe spoke with Jeff Dachis, the CEO and founder of One Drop, to learn how his diabetes diagnosis and professional background in data science and predictive modeling has helped shape his vision for One Drop and what this means for people with diabetes. Continue Reading »

Over the past year, diaTribe has continued to work towards our goal to create and publish helpful information to improve the lives of people with diabetes. From vaccine rollout to new medications and the latest in diabetes tech, read our 10 most popular articles from 2021. Continue Reading »

Heart failure is one of the most common complications experienced by people with diabetes. We spoke with Dr. Lee Goldberg, a leading cardiologist, to help us understand the different types of heart failure. Continue Reading »

Planning to travel over the holidays? Use this helpful checklist to make sure you have everything you need to get to your destination safely. Continue Reading »

Robin Arzon – Peloton’s VP of fitness programming, ultramarathoner, best-selling author, mother, and person living with type 1 diabetes – is working to empower others by “normalizing the everyday superhero.” We spoke with her about her diabetes journey and the tools she uses to manage her health as a fitness professional. Continue Reading »

Kidney disease is a serious complication that affects roughly one in three people with diabetes in their lifetime. Two patient advocates share their stories – things they wish they knew, advice for others, and ways to stay healthy and hopeful. Continue Reading »

As we approach the new year, we want to remind you that if you've met your annual health insurance deductible or are close to meeting it, do not forget to order any diabetes supplies you need before your deductible resets on January 1 (in the US). Continue Reading »