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Expanding CGM Use – Steady Health Clinic’s New Program

Updated: 8/13/21 11:00 pmPublished: 8/25/20
By Eliza Skoler

By Eliza Skoler

Steady Health’s new five-week program will help people with diabetes in California and Washington get professional CGM and remote diabetes care

Editor's Note: This article was updated on October 27, 2020.

Steady Health recently launched its new starter program to give more people access to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and remote diabetes care. This five-week program will provide two Dexcom G6 Pro CGMs as well as access to the Steady Health app and its diabetes management services. This is an exciting opportunity for people who are interested in trying CGM – while Steady Health was previously only available to people in California, the company has now partnered with endocrinologist Dr. Sushma Reddy to expand its diabetes care to Washington state.

In addition to two G6 Pro CGMs, the starter program will include:

  • Diabetes management education and coaching (with a team of diabetes care and education specialists)

  • Food, activity, and medication logging through the Steady Health app, leading to insights about blood sugar trends

  • Blood glucose data interpretation by a remote endocrinologist

The program will cost $50 for every participant, and Steady Health will work with your insurer in California or Washington to make sure your new CGM is covered. 

In January, Steady Health launched the first virtual, full-service endocrinology clinic in the United States. Its model of connected care focuses on real-time CGM data that is sent to an app for continuous coaching, data analysis, digital care, and virtual appointments. Steady Health has grown massively during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the country is experiencing a major shift to telemedicine. Its virtual model means that anyone across California or Washington can sign up.

Historically, it’s been hard – especially for people with type 2 diabetes – to get CGM covered by insurance. To address this barrier, Steady Health has partnered with several large insurance companies to make sure that people can receive a CGM without having to convince their healthcare team or attend an in-person visit.

The starter program uses Dexcom’s G6 professional CGM. The G6 Pro is a “professional” continuous glucose monitor, meaning that people use it with a healthcare professional to better understand their blood glucose trends and gain insights to inform their diabetes treatment. People who enjoy using the G6 Pro might consider getting the Dexcom G6, a full-time, real-time CGM that will integrate with long-term Steady Health care.

Steady Health is planning to launch in more states later this year – we’ll be sure to keep readers updated as this data-driven, people-focused model of connected diabetes care becomes available to more people. As of October 2020, Steady Health opened its app to anyone in the United States to use for free. This means that if you already have a Dexcom or Freestyle Libre CGM, you can download the app (available for iOS and Android) and use it to track food, exercise, and medications alongside your glucose levels.

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