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Flash Glucose Monitoring

What It Does: Flash Glucose Monitoring* (FGM) is the newest method of glucose testing that is seen as a hybrid between meters and CGMs. The Abbott FreeStyle Libre is currently the only flash glucose monitoring product available, and it is currently only approved in Europe. In Flash Glucose Monitoring, patients have a sensor inserted on their upper arm and a separate touchscreen reader device. When the reader device is swiped close to the sensor, the sensor transmits both an instantaneous glucose level and eight-hour trend graph to the reader. This allows people to get individual blood sugar readings (like BGM) and trend information (like CGM). However, unlike CGM, FGM does not have hypo- or hyperglycemia alarms and will only provide a trend graph if it has been swiped in the past eight hours.

The FreeStyle Libre system does not require fingerstick calibration, so users can dose insulin based on its readings (except for when hypoglycemic, when glucose levels are rapidly changing, or when symptoms don’t match the system’s readings).

What Supplies Do I Need?

To use the FreeStyle Libre, multiple parts are required:

  • Touchscreen reader device – displays data and trend information

  • Sensor patch – worn on the upper arm for 14 days

Useful Links:

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FreeStyle Libre Pro Submitted for FDA approval, Potentially Coming to the US in 2016 – New blinded sensor worn for 14 days that will give a detailed picture of your glucose levels. 

Comparing FreeStyle Libre vs. Fingersticks in Type 2 Diabetes – Major 55% reduction in hypoglycemia (30 minutes less per day!); why didn’t A1c improve?

LibreLink: Scanning the FreeStyle Libre Sensor Straight From A Smartphone – New "invite-only" Android app now available in Sweden – when will it launch in other EU countries?

*This technology is only approved in Europe.

**Please note, this page is not a comprehensive list of all of the available resources or products available. All links are organized chronologically within their respective sections.