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Connecting Events


We aim to help bring together key players in the diabetes landscape and foster a greater culture of accountability across the board. Towards that goal, our major events are listed below. For more information, please visit the event links:

  • dSeries - The dSeries engages leaders across diverse sectors to produce innovative, systems-level solutions that could reduce the societal burden of diabetes, heighten the urgency and need for action around the epidemic, and bring a new way of thinking into the diabetes ecosystem. The diaTribe Foundation hosted its inaugural d16: Executive Innovation Lab on Diabetes and Obesity from January 13–15, 2016 in Palo Alto, CA. d16 was facilitated by Heather McLeod Grant, an expert in scalable social impact, Alexa Culwell, co-founder of Philanthropy Futures, and Lisa Kay Solomon, a leading innovation strategist. Using elements of “design thinking,” participants were guided through collaborative workshops to offer innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges in type 2 diabetes. Forty-two participants attended d16, including prominent medical professionals, entrepreneurs, manufacturing leaders, policy-oriented healthcare experts, academics, tech leaders, government decision-makers, educators, media experts, food and nutrition scholars, and philanthropists. The d17 Executive Innovation Lab took place on September 27-29, in San Francisco, California. At this gathering, participants generated innovative solutions to the most pressing problems in diabetes, building on key investible, scalable, and impactful ideas showcased in the d16 Consensus of Ideas.

  • Diabetes Forum - Attended by over 250 diabetes medical professionals and industry leaders every June in conjunction with the ADA's 78th Scientific Sessions, this year's 12th annual event is scheduled for Monday, June 25, 2018 at the Rozen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Once again, we are co-hosting this event with partner organization Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD). This year's panel discussion features opinion leaders in diabetes moderated by me, Kelly Close, and chaired by Dr. Steve Edelman. Luminaries and a panel of experts (to be announced soon!). All proceeds generated from this event benefit The diaTribe Foundation as well as TCOYD.

  • Musings Under the Moon - Our third annual gathering is scheduled for Monday, June 25, 2018 at BB Kings, and will immediately follow Diabetes Forum. This year's panel discussion will feature opinion leaders in diabetes technology and digital health, moderated by me, Kelly Close, and diaTribe Senior Editor Adam Brown. Stay tuned for more details!

  • Musings After Hours - Our second annual Musings After Hours event - a midnight discussion on digital health - will be held at BB Kings immediately following Musings Under the Moon on June 25, 2018. The expert panel will offer candid perspectives on diabetes technology and digital health from innovative leaders in the field. 

  • Solvable Problems in Diabetes - All global problems require global solutions. In our world, that problem is the staggering growth in diabetes across the planet. That's why The diaTribe Foundation hosted our fourth annual program on "Solvable Problems in Diabetes" in Lisbon on Tuesday, September 12 from 7-9 PM during the 2017 annual meeting for the European Association of the Study of Diabetes. We are proud that our program featured an expert panel of opinion leaders in diabetes, including Professor Melanie Davies, Professor of Diabetes Medicine at the University of Leicester, Professor Daniel Drucker, Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and Professor David Matthews, Professor of Diabetic Medicine at the University of Oxford. This year, we expect to discuss some of the most urgent problems as well as opportunities in diabetes, and what we all must do to bring about change. The funds from this event will support our non-profit, The diaTribe Foundation. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and prediabetes, and advocating for action. We hope you can attend and help contribute to our mission of helping people better manage their disease and live healthier, happier lives.

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