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d21 Executive Innovation Lab


d21 is building on five years of shared learning, connection, and strategic thinking that has helped us better understand the key levers for change within the diabetes epidemic in the U.S. One of the key barriers to progress is the pervasive stigma, myths, and misunderstandings around diabetes – a topic we explored extensively at d20. At d21, we aim to continue building tools, practices, research, and pathways toward dismantling diabetes stigma in media and healthcare communications.

2020 was an unprecedented year, and 2021 continues to highlight the still-pervasive cultural, ideological, and narrative divides in healthcare and beyond. As we enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, with vaccine rollouts beginning across America, targeting and eliminating health inequities must continue to be a priority – to work across these divides and bend the diabetes curve. 

The work to address diabetes stigma is just beginning. In these early stages, we will continue to learn from the social movements that came before us to inform our strategy moving forward. By continuing to develop and refine critical communication tools, by giving participants the confidence to address stigma in their personal and collective spheres of influence, and by beginning the work to develop viable and fundable campaign ideas to address stigma, we hope to move the needle further and trigger the large-scale cultural shift needed to truly fight diabetes stigma.

This year at d21, our program will continue to build upon the learnings from the Frameworks Institute at d20 that focused on shifting narrative frames. In addition, d21 will be informed by our Stigma Strategy Group, which is a pool of experts tasked to help translate our learnings from d20 into impact strategy, determine key audiences to target, and shape resources and clear communication tools to help people tackle diabetes stigma.

Four months after the close of d20, participants will reconvene for a 2.5 hour virtual gathering to explore the impacts and insights from individual action plan commitments, as well as the strategic questions and potential communications resources that the Stigma Strategy Group has been working on since d20. (New participants will have an opportunity to orient to the work done at d20 in advance of this module).

In addition to refining participants’ communication skills and tools for individual stigma-busters, in this 3 hr virtual session participants we will begin to develop longer-term pathways for collective action to reduce diabetes stigma in the US along three tracks: Research, Media Advocacy, and Healthcare Providers.

Module 3 will deepen the communications training and collective action strategy work of modules 1 and 2, and will also include our popular Lighting Talks to further foster inspirational learning and celebrate 5 years of dSeries as a hub for diabetes learning and action! 

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Agenda's for Module 3 coming soon!

d21 Participant Biographies

Ananta Addala
Stanford University
Dr. Ananta Addala is a pediatric endocrinologist and physician scientist addressing disparities in pediatric type 1 diabetes management and outcomes. Dr. Addala has a longstanding research and clinical interest to promote equitable care for youth with type 1 diabetes informed by biological, social, psychological, and systemic determinants of health. In addition to her training in pediatric endocrinology, Dr. Addala holds an MPH with a focus on behavioral drivers of health and epidemiology. As a physician with a background in pediatric endocrinology, epidemiology, and behavioral health, she aims to build an evidenced based approach to addressing T1D disparities by systematically evaluating youth-, family-, provider-, and system-level barriers to optimal diabetes care in youth from low socioeconomic and racial/ethnic minority groups. To date, her publications have demonstrated that the disparities in pediatric T1D by socioeconomic status are worsening in the US, provider bias against public insurance is common, and public insurance mediated interruptions to diabetes technology adversely impact glycemic outcomes.She has also been leading the efforts to improve justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in research at Stanford University through her leadership at Stanford Pediatrics Advancing Anti-Racism Coalition (SPAARC).

Director of Medical Affairs

Damian Bialonczyk is the Director of Medical Affairs at Gelesis, a biotechnology company developing novel therapeutic options for GI-related metabolic disorders. He has devoted most of his professional career at various organizations to researching and advancing digital technologies for people with diabetes. One of his current research initiatives serves to help characterize the use of stigmatizing language in obesity and diabetes scientific publications. Damian holds a PharmD and MBA from the University of Rhode Island and completed his post-doctoral fellowship with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.

World Food Policy Center, Duke University 

Kelly Brownell is Director of the World Food Policy Center at Duke University, where he is also Robert L. Flowers Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience. From 2013-2018 he served as Dean of the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke. Prior to joining the faculty at Duke, Brownell was at Yale University where he was the James Rowland Angell Professor of Psychology, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, and Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. While at Yale he served as Chair of the Department of Psychology and as Head of Silliman College. He has published 15 books and more than 350 scientific articles and chapters, and has served as President of several national organizations. In 2006 Time magazine listed Kelly Brownell among “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” in its special Time 100 issue featuring those “.. whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world.” Brownell was elected to membership in the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine) in 2006 and has received numerous awards and honors for his work, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association, Graduate Mentoring Award from Yale, the James McKeen Cattell Award from the New York Academy of Sciences, the Distinguished Alumni Award from Purdue University, the Lifetime Achievement Award from Rutgers University, and the Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Psychology from the American Psychological Association.

Primary Care Education Consortium
Executive Vice President

Dr. Brunton is Executive Vice President for Primary Care Education Consortium.  He recently moved to Winnsboro South Carolina where he works in a rural underserved clinic. He holds the faculty rank of Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Touro University in Vallejo, California. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for ‘Clinical Diabetes,’ the ADA’s primary care journal, and as the Executive Director of the Primary Care Metabolic Group. Previously, he served as the Director of Education for the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Brunton earned his medical degree at Monash University Medical School in Melbourne, Australia and completed his residency in family practice at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in California. He is a board-certified family physician, with a certificate of added qualifications in geriatrics.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Chiquette joins Gelesis with over 15 years’ experience in Medical Affairs within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Dr. Chiquette was involved in developing medical strategies for first-in-class launches like orlistat, GLP-1 agonist, amylin analog, endobarrier device, and metreleptin at Hoffman La Roche, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Aegerion and GI Dynamics. In her leadership roles throughout the years, Dr. Chiquette built strong expertise in regulatory affairs for pharmaceuticals, biologics, and devices in both United States and Europe. Prior to launching her career in industry, Dr. Chiquette completed her pharmacy degree at Laval University in Quebec, a Pharm.D. At University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, followed by a post-doctorate fellowship in Epidemiology. Dr. Chiquette served as Deputy Director for the San Antonio Evidence-Based Practice Center program for the US government Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and authored several meta-analyses. In that capacity, Dr. Chiquette led the supportive evidence report for the National Institute of Health Obesity Guidelines in 1998 and co-authored the associated publications. Since then, her career, publications and interest has been focused on therapeutic options for cardiometabolic diseases.

The diaTribe Foundation | | Close Concerns
Founder and Chair of the Board | Editor-in-Chief | President

Kelly Close founded The diaTribe Foundation, a nonprofit established in 2013 to improve the lives of people with diabetes and prediabetes and to advocate for action. She is Editor-in-Chief of, a free educational resource for people with diabetes. Ms. Close founded Close Concerns in 2002; its mission is to make everyone smarter about diabetes. At Close Concerns, Ms. Close and her team write about 3 million words a year on diabetes, prediabetes, obesity, and digital health for Closer Look, a highly praised service covering the field. Ms. Close’s passion comes from her extensive professional work as well as from her personal experience, having had diabetes for over 30 years. Ms. Close’s previous work on Wall Street (investment banking at Goldman Sachs, equity research at Merrill Lynch) and at McKinsey & Company focused on life sciences. Kelly graduated from Amherst College and Harvard Business School.

Marketing & Communications

Stefanie Cousins is a marketing, branding, and communications expert who focuses on food, food policy, and public health. For over five years, Stefanie served as the Director of Marketing and Communications at Brighter Bites. In that role she was responsible for the organization’s corporate communications, strategic marketing, and branding. Before joining Brighter Bites, she provided marketing and communications services to health sector clients including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), MD Anderson Cancer Center, UNC Health Care, Baylor School of Medicine, and John Snow Inc. (JSI). For 15 years, she was a news and documentary producer for ABC News 20/20, The New York Times, and NOW with Bill Moyers, among others. Ms. Cousins holds an MPH from the University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health and a bachelor’s in English and Italian from Middlebury College. She lives in Austin with her husband and two children.

Project ECHO Diabetes

Dr. Cuttriss is a pediatric endocrinologist and social entrepreneur with a unique dedication to telehealth and improving the quality of life of people living with diabetes. He currently serves as Director of Project ECHO Diabetes and Project ECHO Diabetes in the Time of COVID-19 at Stanford University. Prior to joining Stanford, Dr. Cuttriss served as the first pediatric endocrinologist for the University of New Mexico Project ECHO Institute ENDO teleECHO clinic to democratize diabetes specialty knowledge by empowering primary care providers to care for patients with complex diabetes who lack access to routine diabetes specialty care. Dr. Cuttriss founded ENDO Diabetes & Wellness, a medical practice specializing in diabetes and telehealth. Dr. Cuttriss co-founded and serves as chairman of AYUDA, a global health volunteer organization that empowers youth to serve as agents of change for youth with diabetes. Dr. Cuttriss has special interest in telehealth and supports underserved diabetes communities in the United States and globally.

Diabetes – What To Know

Ansley Dalbo is the CEO and co-founder of Diabetes – What To Know, an online educational resource for people with type 2 diabetes, and My Weight- What To Know, a resource for people living with obesity. She’s passionate about using social media and digital tools to help people thrive through education and support. She works with pharmaceutical and device companies to reach and engage with people with type 2 diabetes, and delivers unique patient insights in the process. She’s worked in the diabetes field for over 20 years, including 13 years spent managing Walmart’s private label diabetes brand, ReliOn. Ansley graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English, and she lives in Atlanta. She’s an avid vegetarian cook, loves playing softball and following the Baltimore Orioles.

Black Diabetic Info

Dr. Phyllisa Deroze is a health humanities scholar, global diabetes patient advocate, and chronic illness lifestyle blogger. She started blogging at almost immediately after being diagnosed with diabetes in 2011. The following year, Dr. Deroze founded Black Diabetic Info™ (a website that situates diabetes information within the cultural beliefs and practices of the African diaspora) because she felt important aspects of her lived experiences were inadequately addressed in the diabetes information she encountered. Dr. Deroze has graced the cover of Health Monitor magazine and has been featured in Diabetic Living and Diabetes Focusmagazines. Her research includes analyzing health narratives in literature, drama, and popular culture. Her current project examines the representation of African American characters with diabetes in television and film. Dr. Deroze’s passion for diabetes advocacy is evident through her YouTube vlogs, social media posts, in-person workshops, and keynote speeches that she has given in five countries.

American Diabetes Association
Chief Scientific and Medical Officer

Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD is Chief Scientific and Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and recently transition from his role as Chief Medical Office at the Joslin Diabetes Center. His research focuses on innovative models of diabetes care to improve to enhance diabetes outcomes and improve the lives of people with diabetes. To meet these goals, he has traversed many arenas including an initial career as a basic scientist researcher to development of better patient communication tools, creating the first broad scale diabetes registry, designing and implementing a care management training program, leading one of the largest primary care transformation efforts in the US around the Patient Centered Medical Home and defining the medical neighborhood and the role of centers of excellence in diabetes and envisioning the digital health as the latest member of the diabetes team. The reach of his work has been recognized through leadership roles in national and international activities to transform diabetes care including leading the International Diabetes Federation BRIDGES program that implements evidence based translational research to low resource global settings Dr. Gabbay has received funding from the National Institute of Health Diabetes, Digestive and Kidneys Diseases (NIDDK), the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation for his care transformation work. Along with an extensive peer reviewed publication record, his views have appeared in popular press such as the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, People, Oprah, and National Public Radio.

Healing Our Village, Inc. | Partnership for a Healthier America
Chief Medical Officer | Chairman Emeritus

Dr. James R. Gavin is a clinical professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of Healing Our Village, Inc. Previously, he was president of the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta. He served as senior scientific officer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and as director of the HHMI–National Institutes of Health Research Scholars Program. Dr. Gavin belongs to a number of organizations, including the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the IOM), the American Diabetes Association, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, the American Society of Clinical Investigation, and the American Association of Physicians. He is a past president of the ADA and has been voted Clinician of the Year in Diabetes by the ADA multiple times. Dr. Gavin was named a “Living Legend in Diabetes” by the American Association of Diabetes Educators in 2009 and was named one of the “175 Emory History Makers” on the celebration of the University’s 175th Anniversary. In 2015, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for Diabetes Research from ADA, and the Lifetime Meritorious Achievement Award from the NMA. Dr. Gavin has a MD from the Duke University School of Medicine and a PhD in Biochemistry from Emory University.

Jennifer Hahamian Consulting
Marketing and Business Development Consultant

Jennifer Hahamian is a Marketing and Business Development Consultant with a focus on the Consumer and Professional Medical Device Markets. Jennifer Hahamian Consulting specializes in marketing diabetes products, diagnostics, and remote patient management. The companies she serves benefit from her experiences from two venture capital-backed diabetes device startup companies, and 19 years at Johnson & Johnson as the VP of Marketing and e-business. Ms. Hahamian is grounded in all aspects of healthcare marketing and business development including point of care diagnostics, direct to consumer marketing, hospital products, retail/pharmacy distribution, new product launches, and opportunity evaluations. She holds a BSc in Accounting from Santa Clara University and an MBA in Marketing and Management from San Jose State University.

mySugr North America | Scott's Diabetes
Patient Success | Blogger

Scott is an experienced patient advocate who has worked with a wide range of stakeholders across the healthcare environment to help them establish effective communication with the patient community. His expertise in the diabetes social media space is recognized worldwide. Today he manages patient success for mySugr North America (part of Roche Diabetes Care) and continues to run his long-standing and award-winning blog “Scott's Diabetes” as time allows. Scott is also a member of the Children with Diabetes faculty where he develops educational curriculums and content for the Friends for Life annual conference and regional events. He served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the Diabetes Hands Foundation and was a founding member of Partnering for Diabetes Change, a coalition of people living with diabetes and industry representatives working to support culturally diverse and underserved communities. He is interested in how these types of interactions, including peer-to-peer support, impact patient outcomes and routinely presents his work.

Senseonics, Inc.
Chief Medical Officer
Francine R. Kaufman, M.D. is the Chief Medical Officer of Senseonics, Inc. where she concentrates on the global clinical strategy for the first long-term implanted glucose sensor, the Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.  Previously, she was the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Global Regulatory, Clinical and Medical Affairs at Medtronic Diabetes from 2009-2019 where she was responsible for the clinical and regulatory strategy for the first automated insulin device, the MiniMed 670G hybrid closed loop system.  Under her leadership, the 670G automated insulin device gained FDA approval in 2017.  She is a Distinguished Professor Emerita of Pediatrics and Communications at the Keck School of Medicine and the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California.  She is an attending physician at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, where she served as Director of the Comprehensive Childhood Diabetes Center, and head of the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.  She has authored over 285 peer-reviewed and invited articles, and numerous books and book chapters, including Diabesity (Bantam, 2005), The Medical Management of Type 1 Diabetes (American Diabetes Association, 2008), The Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring Book: For Patients, Parents and Caregivers (American Diabetes Association, 2017) and Rhythms (a novel) (CKI Publisher, 2015).  She was funded by the National Institutes of Health for 3 decades and elected membership in the National Association of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine) of the National Academies of Science. Dr. Kaufman was national president of the American Diabetes Association from 2002-2003. She was recognized by the California State Senate for her work in banning sodas in LA Unified School District (2004) and appointed by Congress as a Local Legend with the American Woman’s Medical Association.  In 2009, she received a Telly and CINE for starring in and co-authoring the Discovery Health Documentary, Diabetes: The Global Epidemic.  She has been the medical director of diabetes camps in Southern California, Ecuador and Haiti for over 30 years.

Executive Director, Policy/Government Relations – Social Determinants of Health

Conrod Kelly is an award-winning marketer and industry leader, as well as a published author and sought-after speaker.  Conrod’s tenure at Merck includes commercial leadership of the Diabetes, Anesthesia, Surgery, and Alzheimer’s Franchises. He is currently serving as Merck’s first Executive Director of Health Equity, leveraging data, digital solutions, partnerships, and policy frameworks to improve population health outcomes and drive sustainable business and societal value.  Prior to joining Merck, Conrod held roles at Johnson & Johnson in diabetes and GlaxoSmithKline in vaccines.  In 2020, Conrod was recognized by Medical Marketing & Media’s inaugural 40 Under 40 in Healthcare. His work on the film A Touch of Sugar, used to address diabetes stigma and raise awareness of the growing epidemic, was a finalist for 33 industry awards and winner of 15. He also received the United Nations SDG Media Award and Top Black in Healthcare Award from the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health. Conrod serves on the Social Determinants of Health Taskforce and the Global Futures Council at the World Economic Forum. He received his MBA and BS from Florida A & M University and has continued his executive education at The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania and Duke University. 

Pendulum Therapeutics, Inc.
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Orville Kolterman currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Pendulum Therapeutics, Inc. His professional career has been dedicated to diabetes treatment and related clinical research. He has served as an academic investigator, serving as a Principal Investigator within the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial and the Epidemiology of Diabetes in control studies. He has also served as a management professional assisting with the growth and success of small, entrepreneurial biotechnology companies. Dr. Kolterman worked for over 20 years at Amylin Pharmaceuticals participating in the successful development of four novel therapeutic entities that received marketing approval in both the United States and Europe. Dr. Kolterman earned his MD from Stanford Medical School. 
Karmeen Kulkarni
Abbott Diabetes Care
Director of Global Scientific Affairs

Karmeen Kulkarni, Salt Lake City, UT, holds a Master of Science degree in Food and Nutrition from Eastern Michigan University, is a certified diabetes care education specialist , a board-certified advanced diabetes manager and a registered dietitian.  With more than 25 years experience in the areas of nutrition and diabetes, she is recognized nationwide for her clinical expertise.  She has published numerous articles, studies, and nutritional guides for both professional and lay audiences.  Karmeen is currently the Director of Global Scientific Affairs, at Abbott Diabetes Care and was the coordinator for the Diabetes Center at St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City until September, 2006. Karmeen has been involved with the American Diabetes Association since 1982. She has held numerous local, state and national leadership positions within the American Diabetes Association such as Utah Community Leadership Board Chair; Vice President, President-Elect and President of Health Care & Education; 2008 past member of the National Board of Directors and past Associate Editor for Diabetes Spectrum. Currently Karmeen is a Pinnacle Society Member, a member of the 2013 Research Foundation Board of Directors (RFBOD) and the Community & Volunteer Development Committee. 


Theodore K. Kyle founded ConscienHealth in 2009. He is a pharmacist and healthcare innovation professional who studies and advocates for sound policy and innovation to address obesity with a special focus on objectivity, bias, stigma, and patient-centered care. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Obesity Action Coalition, advises The Obesity Society on advocacy, and consults with organizations addressing the needs of people living with obesity. His widely-read daily commentary, published at, reaches an audience of more than 15,000 thought leaders in health and obesity. 

Vice President and Head of US Diabetes Medical

Luigi Meneghini, MD, MBA has almost three decades of experience in clinical, research and administration in the field of diabetes. He graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in 1988 and did his training in Internal Medicine and sub specialization in Endocrinology at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. He then joined the faculty of the University of Miami [Miller] School of Medicine in 1993 and six years later took over the directorship of the Diabetes Research Institute's Kosow Diabetes Center, growing its reputation both nationally and internationally as a premier clinical center for diabetes management, education and clinical research. While in Miami he completed an Executive Master of Business Administration in Healthcare in 2000 and in 2010 was promoted to full Professor of Clinical Medicine. In 2014 he was recruited by UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas to build the Global Diabetes Program at Parkland, an ambitious, population health-based project that aims to integrate, standardize, and optimize the approach to diabetes care delivery across multiple settings, including inpatient and outpatient specialty care, and the network of primary care centers within the Parkland Health and Hospital System. In 2016 he was recognized by D Magazine CEO’s Excellence in Healthcare Awards as Winner for Achievement in Wellness Programs for Parkland’s Global Diabetes Program. While in his role as Executive Director he was instrumental in developing several clinical programs and related decision support tools including a first in class medication adherence tool (P-SAM) embedded within the Parkland Epic EHR. In late 2020 he joined Sanofi as Vice President and Head of US Diabetes Medical with the ambition to continue making a difference for people living with diabetes through the application of effective diabetes solutions and technologies supported by data generation from real world clinical practice. Luigi was born in Chiavari (Italy), grew up in Monrovia (Liberia) and emigrated to the US in 1979. He speaks Italian, French, English and Spanish and enjoys family time over a great meal and a good bottle of Barbaresco.

The diaTribe Foundation | BiomX Ltd | ChemomAb Ltd
Board of Directors

Dr. Alan Moses is an independent consultant for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. Trained in internal medicine and endocrinology, he spent the early part of his academic career at Harvard doing bench and clinical research and clinical care. Dr. Moses co-founded and directed the Clinical Investigator Training Program at Beth Israel Deaconess-Harvard Medical School-MIT. From 1998 to 2004, Dr. Moses served as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of the Joslin Diabetes Center with specific responsibility for the Joslin Clinic. He joined Novo Nordisk in 2004. During his 14 years at Novo Nordisk, Dr. Moses served in multiple roles beginning as Associate Vice President of Medical Affairs in the US and rising to the position of Senior Vice President and Global Chief Medical Officer working in Copenhagen. Dr. Moses earned his MD from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, worked for three years at the National Institutes of Health, completed his clinical endocrine/diabetes training at Tufts New England Medical Center, and studied Health Care Strategy at Harvard Business School. He retired from Novo Nordisk in June 2018.

Obesity Action Coalition 

Joe Nadglowski is President & CEO of the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) – a nonprofit organization formed in 2005 dedicated to elevating and empowering individuals affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support. A frequent speaker and author, Mr. Nadglowski is especially passionate about access to obesity treatments, tackling weight bias and sharing his own experiences with obesity. He has more than 25 years of experience working in patient advocacy, public policy and education and is a graduate of the University of Florida.

Diabetes Advocate, Awareness Builder, Strategic Advisor

Marla had been a passionate T1D advocate ever since her two sons were diagnosed as children. Over the past 25 years, she has invested in and helped nurture companies and organizations centered around improving the lives of those living with diabetes both T1D/T2D. Her involvement includes angel investing, forging strategic partnerships, advising on how to maximize marketing initiatives and garner awareness for the cause and the supporting organizations. Marla is the Executive Producer of the T1D documentary “The Human Trial”, on the Leadership Council for “Beyond Type 1” and a volunteer for JDRF. Marla is always looking for new opportunities and collaborations to expand her professional network

Northern Trust Western Region and Astia Venture Fund
Board Member
Ruth Owades is a serial entrepreneur, CEO and Corporate Director. The companies she founded are subjects of Harvard Business School case studies that are taught around the world. Gardener’s Eden pioneered the direct sales of upscale garden tools, accessories and furniture. Three years after founding the company, she sold it to Williams-Sonoma. Ms. Owades’ second company, Calyx & Corolla, succeeded by reinventing the floral distribution system and eliminating the middlemen. Business Week hailed Ms. Owades as a “Best Entrepreneur” honoring her for “changing the way we buy flowers.” Ms. Owades has served as a director for public corporations (PVN, AWI, JILL, DECK, CAFN) and private ones ( and Ultra Capital). Non-profit boards have included diaTribe Foundation and the ALS Research and Patient Care Center at UCSF. Current board service includes Northern Trust Western Region and the Astia Venture Fund.  She previously served on the Board of Dean’s Advisors for Harvard Business School and is a Life Trustee of Scripps College. She now sits on the Board of Governors of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
Brandeis Heller School of Social Policy
Master of Public Policy and Master of Business Administration Student
Monica Oxenreiter is a master's candidate at the Brandeis Heller School of Social Policy, where she is pursuing a dual degree Master of Public Policy (MPP) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in health policy. She hopes to use her education to address disparities in health equity, especially in those with chronic conditions. July of 2021 will mark her 26th year with type 1 diabetes, which has helped her to be a lifelong, passionate advocate for those with diabetes. With decades of experience as a person with diabetes, she hopes to help be part of the solution in addressing social determinants of health and wellness after graduation. 
University of Florida
Assistant Professor 
Dr. Rebecca Pearl is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) Perelman School of Medicine. She completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Yale University, her psychology internship at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Penn Center for Weight and Eating Disorders. Dr. Pearl’s research investigates health- and appearance-based stigma, with a primary focus on weight stigma. Her work explores clinical interventions to reduce internalized stigma, biosocial mechanisms by which stigma affects health, and structural-level processes that may perpetuate or prevent stigma (such as in health care, policy, and media). Her research has been recognized with awards from The Obesity Society and the American Psychological Association and is currently supported by a K23 Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the NIH. 

University of Connecticut | Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity
Professor of Human Development & Family Sciences | Deputy Director

Dr. Rebecca Puhl is Professor of Human Development & Family Sciences at the University of Connecticut. She is also the Deputy Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, where she leads research and policy efforts aimed at reducing weight-based stigma and discrimination. Dr. Puhl received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Yale University. She has authored more than 150 peer reviewed articles and 24 chapters on topics including weight-based bullying in youth, the impact of weight stigma on emotional and physical health, weight stigma in health care and the media, and policy strategies to reduce weight-based bullying and discrimination. As a national research expert on weight stigma, Dr. Puhl has testified in legislative hearings on weight discrimination and routinely provides expertise on strategies to reduce weight bias to national and international health organizations. She has also developed evidence-based trainings to reduce weight stigma in health care that have been implemented in medical facilities across the U.S., and her work is routinely cited in the national media. Dr. Puhl has received multiple awards for her research, both at UConn and from national organizations, such as the National Eating Disorders Coalition, the Obesity Action Coalition, and The Obesity Society who selected Dr. Puhl as the 2018 recipient of the national scientific achievement award for excellence in an established research career. In 2019, she was the inaugural recipient of the Faculty Excellence in Research Award in Public Scholarship from UConn’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. You can visit for more information about Dr. Puhl’s work.

International Diabetes Federation | DiabetesWise 
Vice President, Board of Directors | Advisor

Kyle is first and foremost an advocate focused on raising the voice of PWDs, increasing awareness and expanding access to care. His experience includes mySugr (first employee), Abbott, Medtronic, Smiths Medical, Bigfoot Biomedical and Sanofi, as well as NGOs such as IDF, Team Type 1 and Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). He previously was Head of Business Development at Bigfoot Biomedical and prior to that, Vice President at mySugr/Roche. Several of the entrepreneurial ventures in which Kyle has participated have resulted in major acquisitions or global agreements in the diabetes space: mySugr by Roche (2017), Team Type 1 with Novo Nordisk (2011), and TheraSense by Abbott Labs (2004). Kyle takes great pride in knowing that products and services he has helped design, shape, and deliver are now being distributed on a global scale to fellow people with diabetes, but firmly believes we can do better in serving the needs of people with diabetes. 

UCSF – Division of General and Internal Medicine
Professor of Medicine

Urmimala Sarkar MD, MPH is a Professor of Medicine at UCSF in the Division of General Internal Medicine, Associate Director of the UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations, and a primary care physician at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital’s Richard H. Fine People's Clinic. With a focus on health equity, Dr. Sarkar employs new tools like digital/mobile health and social media platforms to address health disparities and improve the safety and quality of diabetes management and outpatient care for all. She has received funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, National Cancer Institute, Food and Drug Administration, California Health Care Foundation, Commonwealth Fund, and Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to design, implement, and evaluate technology-enabled approaches to improve diabetes and other chronic condition management and patient safety in safety-net settings serving diverse and low-income patients. Additionally, she co-founded an initiative, UCSF S.O.L.V.E. Health Tech, which helps digital health companies adapt their products for marginalized populations. Dr. Sarkar’s research is collaborative and leverages human factors, data science, and implementation science approaches. She has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles and serves as an expert for multiple health policy and non-profit organizations. Dr. Sarkar is also committed to catalyzing health equity scholarship by mentoring students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty at UCSF and across the country. Learn more at

Beyond Type 1

Thom is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Type 1, a nonprofit changing what it means to live with diabetes. Under his leadership, Beyond Type 1 has launched numerous high profile initiatives including the JDRF - Beyond Type 1 Alliance,, and - and serves millions impacted by diabetes every month around the globe. Prior to becoming CEO, Thom served for three years as COO at Beyond Type 1, was responsible for building global brand and content initiatives at, and ran an award-nominated public relations firm in San Francisco. He earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Stanford University and is a long-time volunteer across several charitable causes, including healthcare, education, and LGBTQ issues.

The diaTribe Foundation/Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Board Member/Former Chief Financial Officer

Marjorie Sennett’s strategic business skills in the diabetes industry stem from her roles as an operating executive and an institutional investor. As the Chief Financial Officer of Amylin Pharmaceuticals for nine years, she raised $400 million enabling the company’s early development of three novel drugs for diabetes. As a former Managing Director of Farallon Capital, she managed a $700 million portfolio of investments in biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies, including several in the diabetes industry. She understands the complexities of the diabetes ecosystem, the operational challenges of building entrepreneurial companies, and the return expectations of institutional investors. During 2014-2018, she served as a member of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee of QuinStreet, a publicly-traded performance marketing technology company. Since 2017, she has served on the Board of Directors of The diaTribe Foundation and is Chair of its Audit Committee. Ms. Sennett earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA, magna cum laude, in Biology and English from Vanderbilt University. 

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston | Brighter Bites
Professor of Epidemiology | Co-Founder
Dr Shreela Sharma is Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Texas, School of Public Health in Houston, TX. Dr. Sharma is a behavioral epidemiologist with specific interest in food insecurity, nutritional epidemiology and diet-related chronic diseases in vulnerable, underserved populations and has a robust, federally-funded research program in this area. Dr. Sharma is committed to serving the community; she is co-founder of Brighter Bites, a nationwide non-profit dedicated to providing fresh produce and nutrition education to low-income children and their families. Brighter Bites has distributed over 40 million pounds of produce to over 250,000 families across seven cities in the United States since its inception in 2012. Dr. Sharma has also co-led the development and evaluation of the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) program for preschool and elementary school-age children, a Texas Education Agency approved coordinated school health program now disseminated nationwide to over 1 million children. She serves on the Board of Directors for the University of Houston Friends of Women’s and Gender Studies Program. Dr. Sharma also co-leads the Health Equity Collective, a Greater-Houston area wide coalition focused on mitigating food insecurity and other social determinants of health among its residents. More recently, since the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Sharma and her colleagues at UTHealth have been spearheading epidemiological data analytics efforts to understand and curtail the spread, hospitalizations, and complications related to the virus in our communities. She has a PhD in Epidemiology and is a registered dietitian in the state of Texas. 
The diaTribe Foundation
Community Manager
Cherise Shockley joined The diaTribe Foundation in 2019 as the organization’s first Community Manager. Cherise was diagnosed with Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults in June 2004. She is the founder of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (#dsma), creator of the Blue Fridays initiative and Women of Color (WOC) Diabetes. Cherise is a subject matter expert in diabetes social media, online communities, and peer support. She is a wife, mother, and veteran. She received her degree in Mass Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Digital Audience from Arizona State University.
Vital Tech Partners
Managing partner
With 30 years of executive leadership, Michael Singer has significant operating, financial, investment, business/government and healthcare experience. In his career he has held positions as a Founding CEO of a medical technology company; the President of a substantial investment group; a CFO who took a private company public and then sold it; a Board member to several companies and organizations; an active private investor; and an investment banker specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions.  He has worked and lived in a variety of cities around the world, including London, Zurich, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.
Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
Creative Director and CEO
David Lee Strasberg serves as Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer of The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institutes in West Hollywood and New York. The world-famous Institutes were founded in 1969 by his parents, Lee and Anna Strasberg, and the institutes serve as international centers for training Method actors. Mr. Strasberg and his son, Sawyer, both have type 1 diabetes. Mr. Strasberg has presented at the D-series conferences, ADA Scientific Sessions, and industry seminars exploring advocacy, patient perspectives, and how to create transformational change. He received a bachelor’s in international relations and affairs from Brown University and an MBA from the University of California in Los Angeles.
The Food Network
Former Senior Vice President of Programming
Eileen Opatut has spent decades as one of cable television’s most successful programming executives, specializing in transforming cable television programming brands through innovative programming and identifying break out talent. She was responsible for the transformation of The Food Network as its EVP of Production and Programming, bringing innovative properties like Iron Chef to the lineup and discovering breakout stars like Ina Garten, Rachel Ray and Anthony Bourdain. As an innovator, Eileen was also a member of the launch team for two ground breaking networks:  National Geographic Television and the first ever LGBT cable network, Logo. Eileen is a graduate of Smith College, and has three children with her wife, Joan Garry. She has had Type 2 Diabetes for 27 years. Eileen is committed to helping people understand their relationship to food, and to guide them how to purchase, prepare and consume food that will lead them to enjoy their best and healthiest lives.


Larry Soler founded Convergency, an advocacy and marketing firm focused on health, wellness, and nutrition. Prior to Convergency, Mr. Soler was a senior executive at two leading mission-driven organizations. At the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), he built an advocacy program that was cited as among the most powerful in Washington DC. Mr. Soler 
chaired the successful national campaign to advance stem cell research, and he secured more than $2 billion in mandatory federal diabetes funding, the only disease area to get such funding. He went on to serve as Chief Operating Officer with oversight responsibility for most major activities within the organization. Following his time at JDRF, Mr. Soler served as CEO for the Partnership for a Healthier America, where he worked with PHA Honorary Chair Michelle Obama and PHA Vice Chairs Senator Cory Booker and former Senator Bill Frist on corporate partnerships. Mr. Soler developed more than 250 such partnerships and raised more than $50 million during his time at PHA. Mr. Soler earned a BA in American Government and Politics from Clark University and a JD from George Washington University. 

Phil Southerland
Supersapiens | Team Novo Nordisk
CEO and Founder | CEO and Co-Founder
Phil Southerland was born in Tallahassee, Florida, and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was only seven months old, the youngest case of diabetes on record in the world at that time. His parents were told that he would be dead or blind by 25. Fortunately, they were stubborn, and Phil had access to insulin, a knowledgeable medical team, and the latest in blood glucose monitoring tools. At six, he had the dream not to go blind and a drive to reach the A1C results needed. He discovered his love of the bike when he was 12. While attending the University of Georgia, he dreamed of combining his passion for cycling and his personal mission to raise awareness around diabetes. In 2005, Team Type 1 was founded, and by 2007 an all-diabetes cycling team not only won but set the world record in the 3,000-mile Race Across America. Under Phil’s leadership, the dynamic squad rapidly grew from an amateur team to more than 100 athletes spanning the globe to inspire and unite people affected by diabetes and ranked in the top 25 professional cycling teams in the world in 2012. In late 2012, Phil and the team partnered with Novo Nordisk to create Team Novo Nordisk. The team is spearheaded by the world’s first all- diabetes pro-cycling team and features a development team, elite team, and one female professional track star, Mandy Marquardt. Phil is a dedicated and proud father to three boys with wife, Dr. Biljana Southerland. In addition to the bike, Phil is a passionate skier and deep-water scuba diver. He calls Atlanta, Georgia home, and is a supporter of the High Museum. Phil is a former board member of Camp Kudzu, Hope Sports, and JDRF. He is a voracious reader and enjoys collecting rare wines and watches. Phil is the author of the book ‘Not Dead Yet’, which chronicles his life from early diagnosis of diabetes to professional cyclist and his mission to change the face of diabetes on a global scale. Southerland currently serves as the CEO and co-founder of Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team, and the founder and president of the non-profit Team Type 1 Foundation.
Nabu Strategic Advisors 

Karen Talmadge is an award-winning entrepreneur, executive, and scientist in the biomedical industry. She is currently President of Nabu Strategic Advisors, Chair of the Board of Gynesonics, and a member of the Boards of Bigfoot Biomedical, Glyscend and the American Diabetes Association Research Foundation. Dr. Talmadge retired in 2010 as Vice President, Chief Science Officer, Kyphon Co-Founder, and Bakken Fellow, from Medtronic Spine, Kyphon Products Division. In 1994, she co-founded Kyphon, acquired by Medtronic in 2007. She was Kyphon’s Chief Executive Officer for its first five years, Chief Science Officer from 2003, and a member of its Board of Directors from inception. Diagnosing her daughter’s diabetes when her daughter was 25 months, Dr. Talmadge has volunteered for the American Diabetes Association since 1994, including as Chair of the Board in 2013 and 2018. She holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Harvard University and an A.B. in Biology from Bryn Mawr. 

Advanced Practice Nurse – Clinical Nurse Specialist
Virginia Valentine is a Diabetes Specialist with Clinica La Esperanza in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is also a faculty clinician with Endo Echo with University of New Mexico. Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a collaborative model of medical education and care management that empowers clinicians across New Mexico to provide better care to more people, right where they live. Ms. Valentine received her master’s in nursing from the University ofOklahoma College of Nursing. She is board-certified in Advanced Diabetes Management and is a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. In 2006, the American Association of Diabetes Educators recognized her with its Distinguished Service Award and awarded her Fellow status in 2010. Ms. Valentine has been awarded the 2019 Outstanding Educator in Diabetes by the American Diabetes Association. She has been living well with type 2 diabetes for over 40 years.
Fellow on the Sanofi US Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy General Medicines team
Andrew Vilcinskas, PharmD, is a post-doctoral Fellow through the Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships on the Sanofi US Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy General Medicines team. Andrew has dedicated his years in the program to learning about external partnerships and finding timely, collaborative solutions to impact the health for people with diabetes and other chronic conditions with the professional and patient advocacy community. His commitment to the diabetes community originates from his lived experience as a person with diabetes, his grass roots advocacy history, and also his past as a NextGen Leader through the College Diabetes Network. In addition to his post-graduate advocacy training and clinician background, he also leverages these experiences to provide a comprehensive and thoughtful perspective to identify solutions. He aims to use his growing expertise to advance the experience people with diabetes have to live empowered, healthy, and compromise free lives where stigma is removed from the equation.
Executive Coach and Professional Guide
Deana Zabaldo is a certified coach and a professional guide. As an executive coach, Deana specializes in supporting leaders to develop their integrated mind-body intelligence, bridge the gap between knowing and being, and bring forward their full potential. Embodied leadership enables individuals to guide their organizations and teams more authentically and effectively. As an award-winning guide, Deana leads in-depth cultural, spiritual, and trekking journeys in Bhutan and Nepal. She has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the Himalayas and a passion for its culture and peoples. Deana also founded and continues to direct Changing Lives Nepal, a nonprofit that catalyzes sustainable, effective change and alleviates poverty through local leadership and grassroots development.
Anna Norton, MS, the CEO of DiabetesSisters, is dedicated to improving the lives of women living with diabetes through peer support and education, online and in-person. She oversees a peer support program for women living with all kinds of diabetes, a Leadership Institute and Conference series, and a Minority Initiative Program. She serves on various patient-focused panels and speaks on behalf of women living with diabetes at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, the Diabetes Care and Education Specialist Annual Meetings, and the International Diabetes Federation Congress and has been featured in an assortment of health-related magazines and books. Anna graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida and Master of Science in Education at Florida International University. She currently resides in the Chicago-area with her family and has lived with type 1 diabetes since 1993.  
National Minority Quality Forum 
President and CEO
Dr. Gary Puckrein is the founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the National
Minority Quality Forum (NMQF), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit research and advocacy
organization headquartered in Washington, DC. The mission of NMQF is to reduce patient risk by assuring optimal care for all. NMQF’s vision is an American health services research, delivery, and financing system whose
operating principle is to reduce patient risk for amenable morbidity and mortality while
improving quality of life. Dr. Puckrein received his doctorate from Brown University.

Initium Health

James Corbett is a seasoned healthcare executive and bioethicist bringing over a decade of chief level leadership experience from both the for-profit and the non-profit sectors of the industry. Mr. Corbett has served as a fellow at Harvard Medical School Department of Global Health and Social Medicine as well as at Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics; he also recently completed a fellowship at the Nashville Healthcare Council. In addition, he was appointed to a 4-year term on the National Institutes of Health’s National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. He has worked in four health systems, where his focus has been on providing strategic and operational leadership for innovation, behavioral health, population health, research operations, global health, advocacy, and bioethics. Mr. Corbett has also lectured at Harvard Medical School, Harvard’s School of Public Health, and numerous other universities across the country. Mr. Corbett has been published in multiple books and journals. He earned his Bachelor of Science in International Relations from Syracuse University, his Juris Doctorate from St. John’s University, and his Master of Divinity from Duke University.

Obesity, Metabolism, and Nutrition Institute at MGH | The Obesity Society 
Director | President  

Dr. Lee M. Kaplan is Director of the Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Institute and founding director of the Weight Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital, leading centers for obesity research, education, and clinical care. A gastroenterologist and molecular biologist by training, he is also an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Kaplan is a world-renowned obesity researcher, clinician and educator and a strong advocate for better understanding, prevention, and treatment of the many forms of obesity. Dr. Kaplan earned an MD/PhD from Yeshiva University and completed his residency and fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He has served in numerous governmental, non- governmental and corporate advisory roles and is currently the president of The Obesity Society.

Richard Wood founded dQ&A with Kelly Close in 2009. A recognized expert on the diabetes patient experience, Richard has presented patient research results at the FDA, Children with Diabetes, the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit, and numerous private dQ&A client events. Under his leadership, dQ&A researchers have authored four posters at recent ADA Scientific Sessions conferences. Richard was previously Vice President of Consumer Insights at Nielsen, where he directed consumer market research programs in the USA, Europe and Asia. Trained originally as an engineer in the UK and France, Richard has extensive experience from a 20-year career in consumer and industry research, mobile applications, and as a technology journalist, editor and publisher. Richard has an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.

Executive Producer
Judith Vecchione is an executive producer at WGBH Boston, where her most recent project was Blood Sugar Rising, a two-hour special that premiered in April 2020 on PBS nationwide exploring the history, science and personal stories of America’s diabetes epidemic. The film is available for free at In her long career Judith has contributed to major PBS documentary series including Vietnam: A Television History, Nova, American Experience,and Frontline. She was series senior producer for the award-winning Eyes on the Prize, and has worked as executive producer for many national PBS special series, including Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues and Americas; and for one-night specials, including Young & Restless in China, The Longoria Affair, and Ice Warriors: USA Sled Hockey. Her next project is American Veteran, a four-part series on military veterans across our history, scheduled to air in November 2021. Judith also works as senior editorial advisor to WORLD Channel, a 24/7 national public media platform that presents unique nonfiction programming from established and emerging makers. She has won multiple awards, including a national Emmy, Peabody Award, Davey Award, CINE Golden Eagle, Christopher Spirit Award, Savannah Film Festival “Best in Festival,” Imagen Award, and Chicago Film Festival award, among others.

Abbott Diabetes Care
Senior Director of Marketing, Sensor Platform 
Jeff Halpern is currently Senior Director of Marketing, Sensor Platform for Abbott Diabetes Care, where he is responsible for the global marketing, product management, and commercialization of Abbott’s sensor-based glucose monitoring systems. He brings a combination of strategic business skills, consumer marketing acumen, and experience to the diabetes device industry. Prior to joining Abbott, Mr. Halpern spent nine years at The Clorox Company in brand management for businesses, including Glad Food Storage and Clorox Cleaning Products. Since 1986, Mr. Halpern has held a variety of marketing and finance positions with major consulting, technology, and consumer packaged goods companies, including TheraSense, Wattage Monitor, Archway-Mother’s Cookie Companies, Swinglab LLC, Pacific Bell Mobile Services (aka AT&T Wireless), The Haagen-Dazs Company, and Bain & Company. Mr. Halpern received his AB from Brown University and his MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He has type 1 diabetes.
Director, US Corporate Affairs, CVMD
Sarah is an experienced healthcare communicator with a strong background in developing and implementing public relations campaigns to help make complex health information easier to understand. She is passionate about bringing accurate information to patients to empower them to make informed decisions about their health. In her role at AstraZeneca, Sarah focuses primarily on traditional and social media strategy, branding and disease awareness. Prior to joining AstraZeneca she held positions in other pharmaceutical companies and public relations agencies supporting communications in hematology/oncology, neuroscience, asthma/allergy, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and animal health. Sarah also has a strong background in issues management communications and solutions related to supply chain disruption. Sarah holds a B.S. in Public Relations and Political Science from the University of South Carolina and resides in Philadelphia, PA.
Helmsley Charitable Trust 
Associate Program Officer 
Tiara Ahmad is an associate program officer at Helmsley Charitable Trust. She works with the Type 1 Diabetes team and helps manage grants in the glucose control and education portfolios. Prior to Helmsley, Tiara conducted cell and molecular biology research at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center. Tiara received her Ph.D. in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine from Columbia University. Outside of Helmsley, Tiara also volunteers with New York City chapters of March for Science and 500 Women Scientists.
General Medicine Lead, Global Professional Relations & Independent Medical Education
Henry J. Rodrique is currently General Medicine Lead, Global Professional Relations & Independent Medical Education within Merck Global Medical & Scientific Affairs.  Mr. Rodrique leads medical education strategy and professional society relationship management for Diabetes, Heart Failure, Pulmonary Hypertension, Peri-operative Care & Chronic Cough.  In this role Mr. Rodrique work cross functionally with many other areas within Merck including Merck Research Laboratories, Office of the CMO, Global Human Health, Outcomes Research, Merck’s Washington, D.C. Office and Merck’s Office of Medical Legal & Compliance. Mr. Rodrique began his career at Merck in 1986 and has held positions of responsibility in the Sales Organization, Medical Science Liaison Group & Training & Development.  Recently, Mr. Rodrique celebrated his 35th anniversary with Merck.  Mr. Rodrique graduated from Marquette University’s College of Arts & Sciences.Away from Merck, Mr. Rodrique is a past Vice President of the American Osteopathic Foundation and member of the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Alliance for  the Continuing Education of Healthcare Professionals, CME Coalition,  Mr. Rodrique has been active in the local community coaching girls travel level basketball and softball teams. Mr. Rodrique is married to Pollie Minehart Rodrique who is a HS teacher and has two daughters.  Cassie (19) a Sophomore in the Honors College at American University & Sophie (17) a rising HS Senior.





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