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d22 Lightning Talks


The diaTribe Foundation invites you to the d22 Lightning Talks

October 25, 2022

12:00 pm PDT / 3:00 pm EDT

Networking begins at 11:45 am PDT / 2:45 pm EDT

Diabetes Stigma and the Need for Disruption

The diaTribe Foundation held the d22 Lightning Talks on October 25, 2022! Tackling diabetes stigma and its devastating effects will rely on courageous advocates and creative solutions. Right now the status quo is bogged down by harmful cultural narratives, misconceptions about diabetes, and not nearly enough collaboration. We think it’s time for a bit of disruption and we want to challenge everyone to join us in finding inspired, creative, radical, and out-of-the-box solutions. That’s how we’ll improve the lives of people with diabetes and their loved ones – but we have to be brave enough to not only want beautiful change, but be willing to try something different. 

Watch the event recording here!


Renza Scibilia

Head of Communities and International Affairs | Diabetes Australia

Renza Scibilia has lived with type 1 diabetes since 1998, and has used an insulin pump for 21 years and CGM for over 10 years. She is a diabetes advocate and activist, and is the Head of Communities and International Affairs at Diabetes Australia. She has worked for diabetes organizations for the last twenty years, promoting a person-centered approach to the development, design and delivery of diabetes technologies, services, resources, research and education programs. Renza has extensive experience as a consultant, facilitator, presenter, and media spokesperson and is frequently invited to speak at conferences where she speaks about topics including peer support in diabetes management, diabetes technology, stigma and why communication matters in diabetes and healthcare. She is the author of Diabetogenic, ( and a regular contributor to many online and print health publications.

Brian Fitzgerald

Senior Story-Hacker | Dancing Fox

Brian Fitzgerald is founder and co-director with Tommy Crawford of Dancing Fox, a creative agency specializing in mischief, magic, and mind-bombs for artists and activists, helping to craft transformational stories for a more beautiful world. A lifelong activist, Brian spent 35 years with Greenpeace in roles as varied as deckhand and door-to-door canvasser to hot air balloon pilot and Communications Director. His resume proudly lists arrest for US Federal trespass at ground zero of a nuclear weapons test. He pioneered digital campaigning at Greenpeace International and collaborated in campaign and communications strategies that shifted the environmental practices of governments, corporations, and entire sectors. Thanks to one of them, somewhere in the Southern Ocean, a humpback whale named "Mister Splashy Pants" swims free from the threat of harpoons.

Tony Pearson

Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Trials | Eli Lilly and Company

Tony Pearson is the Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Trials at Eli Lilly and Company, where he is responsible for the design, implementation, and oversight of strategies to ensure appropriate representation of diverse participants and investigators for trials across all therapeutic areas. Previously, Tony led teams that were responsible for engaging with research sites to support their readiness to enroll patients in clinical trials and later worked to advance the modernization of policy and practice for people living with type 2 diabetes and obesity.  Tony also has a background in healthcare delivery across academic, community, and military medicine, with experiences as a state and local lobbyist, associate general counsel, service line administrator, and US Navy health care administrator.

Alysse Dalessandro

Blogger, Influencer, Advocate |

Alysse Dalessandro is a queer plus size influencer based in Cleveland, Ohio thriving with type 2 diabetes. Her social media, Ready to Stare, and corresponding blog,, focus on creating inclusive fashion, travel and lifestyle content. Whether it's wearing a crop top, zip lining through the rain forest or searching for LGBTQ+ friendly themed hotels, Alysse shows that if she can do it, so can you!  Ready to Stare aims to be a place where plus size LGBTQ+ folks can feel seen while allies are welcomed to be informed and educated. NBC Out named Alysse one of their 2019 #Pride50 for her work as a contemporary change-maker, innovator and rising star in the LGBTQ community and GO Magazine honored Alysse one of their 100 Women We Love, Class of 2020. In 2022, Google named Alysse an "LGBTQ+ Creator Sparking Change and Inspiring Generations."


Matthew Garza

Stigma Program Manager | The diaTribe Foundation

Matthew Garza joined the diaTribe Foundation as an associate in 2020 where he worked on diaTribe Learn and the dSeries Executive Innovation Labs. In February 2022, he helped launch and diaTribe’s Stigma Program which he became program manager of in June 2022. Garza holds a certificate in Effective Writing for Healthcare from Harvard Medical School and he graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering in 2020 where he majored in Biomedical Engineering and minored in the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. He has a passion for understanding how stigma impacts health outcomes for marginalized groups including the LGBTQ population and those living with chronic conditions – including diabetes and obesity.

Watch the event recording here!

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