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Outcomes Beyond A1C Consensus Conference 2017


Glycemic Outcomes Beyond A1C Resources

The diaTribe Foundation gathered leaders in the diabetes community in July for a meeting on “Glycemic Outcomes Beyond A1C: Standardization and Implementation.” Leaders discussed the importance of measuring and monitoring additional glycemic outcomes that matter to patients and providers, like hypoglycemia, time in range, and glycemic variability. The diaTribe Foundation is pleased to share these resources, which include coverage of the July gathering and the meetings leading up to "Glycemic Outcomes Beyond A1C", materials from the day (i.e. agenda, presentations, patient video), notable journal articles written on glycemic variability, hypoglycemia, future clinical trials, and implementation, and a link to view the entire meeting. 


Glycemic Outcomes Beyond A1C - Coverage


Glycemic Outcomes Beyond A1C Conference Agenda


Video of Patients and Providers on Outcomes Beyond A1C


Conference Presentations

***Please note: We are only sharing the slides of presenters who agreed to share their presentations.


Outcomes Beyond A1C Background Information & History


Want to re-live the entire day? Watch a video of the entire Glycemic Outcomes Beyond A1C Conference here. (**Note: The password to view the recording of the day is nJ27V7JY)

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