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Insulet Acquires Diabetes Medical Equipment Distributor Neighborhood Diabetes

Published: 7/5/11
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By Adam Brown

In June, Insulet announced the acquisition of Neighborhood Diabetes, a medical equipment distributor that specializes in consumer sales of diabetes supplies. The company provides diabetes supplies (including blood glucose meters and strips, continuous glucose monitors and sensors, insulin pumps, insulin, and other drugs) and services (including training and continuing education) to over 60,000 people with diabetes. Insulet’s acquisition of the company will allow OmniPod users to eventually receive insulin, test strips, pods, and CGM sensors in one tidy package. Insulet hopes to begin making strips available directly to OmniPod customers by the end of 2011 and hopes to have all diabetes products (insulin, CGM, etc.) directly available by the end of 2012. As a result of the deal, Insulet may also achieve greater efficiencies in processing OmniPod insurance claims, a benefit for anyone bogged down with reimbursement delays. Finally, we note the excellent timing of this acquisition – before the launch of Insulet’s next-generation smaller, sleeker, pod. As a reminder, the new product has been submitted for FDA approval (see NewNowNext in diaTribe #33).  --AB

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