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Join in an Online Conversation with the FDA about Diabetes on November 3

At the first ever Diabetes Advocates MasterLab, diaTribe Editor-in-Chief Kelly Close and senior editor Adam Brown announced exciting news: The FDA will host an online conversation (“A Virtual Town Hall”) for people with diabetes on November 3.  After our petition last year asking for a patient meeting, we’re thrilled to have a chance for the diabetes online community to engage with the FDA. Possible topics to discuss include:

  • The patient perspective on hypoglycemia
  • How patients think about risk/benefit for new devices and drugs
  • How to involve patients early and often in trial design, drug development, and FDA approval
  • Sharing patient opinions on unmet needs and how new drugs and technology can help
  • Getting better access to diabetes care for those under 18 and over 65 years
  • Consideration of endpoints besides A1c, including time in range, hypoglycemia, and weight loss
  • How different government institutions can work together (FDA, CMS, NIH)
  • And your suggestions!

We’d love to hear from you – please email us on what you would like the FDA to know and follow the conversation on Twitter at #DOCasksFDA. –NL 

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