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Join the Bright Spots Campaign and Celebrate!

Updated: 8/14/21 1:00 amPublished: 8/5/19

We asked readers, “Who’s Your Bright Spot?” Read about those who make life with diabetes better and brighter

By Ruiyan Wang and Alijah Marquez

In May, The diaTribe Foundation launched the “Who’s Your Bright Spot?” campaign — a movement to recognize and appreciate those who make life with diabetes better and brighter. Inspired by Adam Brown’s book, Bright Spots & Landmines: The Diabetes Guide I Wish Someone Had Handed Me, the effort aims to shine light on what is working in the diabetes community.

Bright Spots are those who make living with diabetes just a little bit easier or who refuse to let diabetes define them. Often, our Bright Spots are people – family members, friends, healthcare professionals, and partners – who are shining lights in our communities.

The diabetes online community is another source of Bright Spots. To find support and connect with people who have shared experiences, check out The diaTribe Foundation’s resource page for online support groups, forums, and blogs here.

“The framework of ‘Bright Spots’ and ‘Landmines’ is a game-changer for many people,” Adam Brown says. “Bright Spots are so often overlooked and undervalued, but they are far more impactful than Landmines. A ‘Bright Spots’ orientation aims to put wind in your sails, rather than constantly tearing them down.”

Over 150 people have already shared their Bright Spots, joining the movement to create a culture of optimism among those impacted by diabetes. To celebrate your Bright Spot, you can submit your story to us here or on social media with #MeetMyBrightSpot. Together, we can fill the world with more Bright Spots by continuing to spotlight those who inspire and empower us.  

Read on for some glowing #MeetMyBrightSpot stories from the diaTribe Community!

  • My wife, Sara — “She supports me through all the craziness, with the perfect balance of nudges when I get off track and not being preachy.”

  • Sara, Traci, and my dad – “They are my DiaBuddies! When I get down or burned out, they keep my spirit up, and urge me to keep going… As for my dad, he’s ALWAYS been my go-to – for advice, comfort and whatever I need in Life. When he was diagnosed with T2D, I really knew that he & I were two peas in a pod… While I do love everyone in my Life, these three people are the ones who shine through, no matter what.”

  • Adam Brown — “He is a constant source of encouragement, intelligence, boots-on-the-ground knowledge, compassion, humor and support. Adam’s book “Bright Spots & Landmines” is truly a bright spot in my life and makes me feel heard and understood. Thank you, Adam!”

  • Dr. Wasserman — “As a parent of a 10-year-old with Type 1, I so badly want to get everything and do everything right. This can make me a bit crazy. Dr. Wasserman helps my husband and me understand that it’s not about right and wrong. He helps us chill out and ride the waves with confidence and clarity. And he’s awesome to our son!”

  • My dad — “He is phenomenally positive, strong, supportive, and caring each and every day, despite adversity.”

  • My granddaughter, Macy — “She said to me when she was first diagnosed, when she was not quite 9 years old, ‘I have diabetes, but diabetes does not have me!’ She is an honor student and a competitive gymnast. She never quits!”

  • Jennifer — “She always has a kind word of encouragement and care. She allows us to take a breath and put things into perspective, reminding us we are in it for the long haul. What a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend she has been to our family!”

  • My daughter, Melanie — “She was diagnosed at age 8 and is determined to help find a cure. She graduated high school with honors and is now a biochemistry major at BYU… isolating islet cells from lab rats for research. I admire her perseverance and ambition!”

  • Mila Clarke-Buckley — “Despite having to deal with the challenges that come with having diabetes, she writes about it in a very real way and always remains so positive about it. She is a blogger who covers diabetes related topics that aren't often talked about — providing a resource for newly diagnosed patients who are in need of non-medical language, someone to relate to, and information to answer their questions.  She does not let diabetes stop her from being a beacon of positivity to everyone around her.” Read Mila’s blog here!

  • My grandmother! — “She is a resilient woman who lives with Type 2 diabetes in China. Not only does she maintain an active lifestyle, she keeps a positive and energetic outlook on life. I love her very much!”

  • McKenna — “McKenna is 15 years old and is one of the top bike racers her age in the country. She is positive, tenacious, competitive and a bright light. She doesn't let diabetes define her and definitely doesn’t let it slow her down. She is also a JDRF Ambassador and does what she can to show that anyone can do great things.”

  • Cooper and Spencer — “My sons love me unconditionally, good days and especially the bad ones. They are my joy, my heart, my reason for fighting this disease. They are my Bright Spot on dark, cloudy days. They are my everything!”

  • Divya — “She is an advocate and a relentless fighter for folks with type 1 and type 2 diabetes across the globe. She has done so much work empowering and educating others on what diabetes really means.”

  • Jessica — “She has been brave since diagnosed at age eleven and now is a nurse with a master’s degree in diabetes education. She’s all about helping others with diabetes discover their best life. She’s my daughter and my hero.”

  • My mom and dad — “When I was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1961, most physicians recommended extreme caution for so many areas in life. Upon the recommendation of one physician — ‘Don’t let diabetes limit your child’ — my Mom and Dad rooted me on in every endeavor I undertook. Together we prepared for every long-distance bike ride, backpacking and so many other things. I have lived life to the fullest with no fear because of them and am still free of complications. Love you Mom and Dad.”

  • Me and my brother — “We don’t let diabetes stop us from doing anything.”

  • Roby — “He figured out a way to cope with T1D by helping others… Over the past 2 years he has fostered over 86 pups and 3 kittens through Helen Woodward Animal Center. It is in helping others that we help ourselves!”

  • Scott Benner, Juicebox podcast creator — “Scott has created a free, easy-to-access, community-oriented resource for those of us with Type 1 because of his love for his daughter and the community at large. Thank you Scott!

  • Portia, my Pug — “She makes me laugh when I am sad. She saved my life, and I am forever grateful for her presence.”

  • My hubby, Jorge —  “He is in control of his Type 2 diabetes and stays healthy for himself and his family.”

  • East Bay Women’s Type 1 Diabetes Support Group — “I joined this group in Berkeley 9 years ago… I am a single mom and do not want to make my one child feel responsible or worried about my T1D. Every time I am with these women… I learn something new. Nobody ‘gets it’ better! We have also done picnics, dinners and conferences together. Wonderful women.”

  • My supportive parents — “My mom always puts my health first and is willing to bend over backwards to make sure that I am safe, healthy, and happy. My dad really helps me with staying updated on the latest T1D technology and can always make me laugh. I appreciate them so much, and all of their support and love does not go unnoticed.”

  • My grandma, who just turned 80 —  “From swimming daily to trying Adam’s chia seed breakfast, she is willing to try new things to keep her Type 2 diabetes in check!” (Photo credit: Daniel Jensen Freeman)

  • Dr. Aaron Kowalski — “Dr. Kowalski has made diabetes his career priority and seeks to serve others through his every action. It is inspiring how he doesn't let his own diabetes thwart his efforts: He pushes forward. He runs with passion. He seeks information. He tries new things. All of these are great examples of how we can all approach life with disease. Relentless pursuit of better = amazing results every time.”

  • Candace —  “When I didn’t want to deal with T1D, she let me have my space. When I finally let her in, she jumped ALL THE WAY in. She understands T1D, helps me be mindful, supports my choices, and celebrates victories. My health suffers less because she cares.”

  • Tarey, my trainer — “She never lets me do less than what I am able, stays by my side if I have a low, and is my biggest encourager.”

  • My grandson, Connor — “Since being diagnosed at the age of two, Connor has simply moved forward without complaint, adjusting to life as he grew, and now as he heads to college in the fall, having excelled in high school, he inspires me, and I thank God for Connor every day.”

  • Camp Sweeney — “As a child attending camp, I learned how to live successfully with diabetes. Now 70 years later, I return to camp to inspire young campers.”

  • My sisters, Lily and Charlotte — “They always have my back, work tirelessly to cheer me up, and think of little ways to brighten up my day.”

  • My teammate —  “She always has extra juice boxes when I run out at practice.”

  • My beloved husband, Michael — “He has so much persistence, and after 45 years, he is still interested in learning more to be successful with his T1D; he embraces the latest technologies! He is an incredible example of perseverance and positive attitude no matter what!”

  • Dr. Jody  — “In 44 years, Dexcom and Dr. Jody have been the two biggest life changers in my diabetes care. Thank you, Dr. Jody, for your wealth of knowledge and depth of support. My life with diabetes has changed because of you!”

  • My daughter, Michelle — “She is always around when I need her. Any time of the day or night. Shiny star.”

  • My son, Matthew — “Even the daily struggles with Type 1 diabetes don’t break his spirit! I asked him if there was anything he would change about himself, and he simply replied: ‘Nothing. Completely happy with who I am.’ What a comfort those words were. #mylegend #momshero”

Who is your Bright Spot? Join the movement by sharing your Bright Spot story here or on social media with #MeetMyBrightSpot! diaTribe will continue to honor the Bright Spots in our lives by illuminating their stories. To read additional Bright Spot stories, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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