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Join the JDRF Thunderclap and Help Spread Awareness for National Diabetes Awareness Month

Updated: 8/14/21 8:00 amPublished: 10/21/14

Twitter summary: Nov. 1 is #T1Day, the start of #diabetesmonth! Support people living w/ #T1D & change your profile pic #noT1D

This November, the JDRF has launched a No Type One Diabetes, or #noT1D campaign to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes and the National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM). The organization has created “T1Day” to kick off NDAM on November 1, a day devoted to raising the voices of people touched by type 1 diabetes. JDRF wants everybody’s support – and the great news is, it’s super easy to get involved.

JDRF is using a web platform called “Thunderclap” that can mass-share posts (in this case, a tweet about the #noT1D campaign) throughout social media. Anyone interested just has to sign-up on the JDRF #noT1D Thunderclap page and indicate if they want to get involved on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr. After signing up, Thunderclap takes care of the rest: on November 1, all supporters will automatically and simultaneously share JDRF’s single post on their social media pages. JDRF also encourages supporters to change their Facebook profile picture to the JDRF “No Type One Diabetes” icon for either T1Day or all of November (icon found here), and/or to create their own video message about living with diabetes. We applaud JDRF for its commitment to raising awareness for type 1 diabetes, and diaTribe is proud to join the Thunderclap on Twitter and Facebook! -AJW

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