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Let the Inspirational Story of this Athlete Motivate You

Updated: 8/9/21 2:00 pmPublished: 8/9/21

By Kelly Close

Read this inspiring photographic essay, cowritten by diaTribe editor, James S. Hirsch, entitled "Zion Unmatched."

Everyone knows that diabetes is a daily grind, and the mental and emotional toll it takes is one of the biggest challenges. How do you stay positive when so much seems to be going wrong?

We want to recommend you read this inspiring photographic essay on detailing Zion Clark's life, co-written by Zion Clark himself and diaTribe editor, James S. Hirsch.

Clark faced the dual stigma of having a disability and encountering racism throughout his life, but he overcame every obstacle to become an elite athlete and an inspiration to millions. The story touches on Clark's impressive athleticism, his spirit, and his advice to others that has motivated him towards excellence. After we just experienced the closing of this year's Olympics, Clark's story is sure to continue the inspiration.

If you are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed – or if you just want some affirmation of the human spirit – please pick up a copy of “Zion Unmatched.” The pictures alone of this remarkable young man will blow you away.

About Kelly Close

Kelly L. Close is the founder and Chair of the Board of The diaTribe Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of people living with diabetes and prediabetes, and advocating for action.

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