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Lilly and T1D Exchange Announce Research Collaboration to Support People Living With Type 1 Diabetes

Updated: 8/14/21 9:00 amPublished: 4/30/14
By Adam Brown

T1D Exchange logoOn April 9, Lilly and T1D Exchange announced a five-year research collaboration on projects designed to improve the health and wellbeing of people with type 1 diabetes. Although the partnership will ultimately explore a range of projects, the initial stage will focus on the real-world use of insulin pumps and multiple daily injections. We’re excited to hear the results of this analysis; recommendations from the research will hopefully be shared by the beginning of 2015. There’s no question that it’s important to make pumps easier to use and to address the barriers to pump therapy for patients. Encouragingly, both organizations in this partnership are very smart and well-resourced, and the collaboration is clearly aimed at helping patients with type 1 diabetes as its priority. Future projects will address changes in management based on life stages (i.e. age), the impact of exercise on hypoglycemia, and new ways to treat hypoglycemia, among other big topics. As background, T1D Exchange aims to accelerate innovation in type 1 diabetes through four main pillars: 1) a 26,000+ patient registry that collects fascinating data on type 1 diabetes; 2) a network of over 65 diabetes clinics across the US; 3) Glu, an online community for type 1 patients and their caregivers; and 4) a repository that collects patients’ biosamples for research. –NL/AB

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