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Medtronic and Bayer to Bring Integrated Products to the US

Updated: 8/14/21 12:00 pmPublished: 6/1/11

Medtronic and Bayer have announced that they will partner over the next several years to develop “innovative next-generation diabetes management systems for patients worldwide.” While this is not a new partnership (since 2007, Bayer and Medtronic have offered Bayer’s Contour Link meter that wirelessly connects to Medtronic pumps and CGM devices to users in over 20 countries outside the US), the companies’ intention to make these products available in the US for the first time is exciting news. While few details have been released, we know that Bayer has submitted a meter to the FDA, and we suspect this meter will be compatible with new Medtronic pumps and CGM if it is approved. Bayer and Medtronic plan to eventually deliver integrated products that are smaller, easier to use, and more accurate than current offerings, but few details on timing have been disclosed.

These new developments coincide with the conclusion of a three-year partnership between Medtronic and LifeScan through which the companies offered a LifeScan OneTouch UltraLink meter that wirelessly connected to Medtronic products in the US. Now that the LifeScan-Medtronic contract has been fulfilled, Medtronic will expand its relationship with Bayer while LifeScan will focus on collaborations with fellow J&J subsidiary Animas. While Bayer and Medtronic await approval of an integrated system in the US, LifeScan’s UltraLink will continue to be available to Medtronic users.  --JS

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