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Medtronic i-port Advance Injection Port Helps Address “Needlephobia”

Updated: 8/14/21 9:00 amPublished: 3/31/14
By Adam Brown

Medtronic i-port‘Needlephobia’ and the hassle of multiple daily injections can be a significant barrier to taking insulin. Encouragingly, Medtronic recently made its i-port Advance Injection Port available in the US for those who inject insulin more than once daily. The device eliminates the need to puncture the skin multiple times each day, instead allowing for the delivery of insulin through a small plastic cannula that the user inserts under the skin and wears for up to three days (similar to an insulin pump infusion set, but without the tubing). The port itself is about the size of a US quarter coin and sits a third of an inch above the skin. Over the three-day maximum wear period, users would inject medication into the top of the i-port using a standard syringe or pen – the device allows a maximum needle size of 8 mm and cannot be used with needles shorter than 5 mm. Each i-port will sell for $12 dollars, translating to $4 per day and $120 per month. Medtronic is working with payers to establish a reimbursement policy and will provide customers with a toolkit to help pursue reimbursement from insurance companies. We’re most excited that it may reduce the pain of taking injections and make taking insulin a bit easier. Those interested in learning more should contact Medtronic’s customer center at 1-(800)-646-4633 or visit –AF/AB  

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