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My Food Advisor

Published: 2/28/09
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It’s often a challenge to figure out the carbohydrate content of different recipes. A new website, My Food Advisor, might be of help. It’s an online nutrition tool created by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). In addition to figuring out the number of carbs, calories, or grams of fat in more than 5,000 foods (an impressive database), it holds thousands of great recipes from the ADA’s recipe books, archived into searchable categories. The site lets you enter nutrition guidelines for your recipe searches, ensuring your recipes do not exceed a certain number of calories, or amount of carbohydrates, sodium, or saturated fat, and that they contain at least a specified minimum amount of fiber. You can create your own dish or analyze a favorite to get nutrition information, and you can even search to find healthier alternatives for specific ingredients in your recipes. There are still a few improvements that could be made in terms of navigating the site (don’t hit the ‘back’ button or you’ll get kicked off your search), but in general we're impressed with this functional, eye-pleasing tool.

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