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mySugr Academy Teaches Patients How to “Tame their Diabetes Monster” in Ten-Part Video Series

Updated: 8/14/21 7:00 amPublished: 11/24/14

Twitter summary: mySugr Academy helps people w/ #T2D tame their #diabetes monster in this 10-part video series – first two videos free!

mySugr recently released the mySugr Academy Program – a program designed to help people with type 2 diabetes “tame their diabetes monsters.” Excellent! The campaign features a rather comical blue monster that represents one’s type 2 diabetes. For a clear sense of what this program looks like, check out mySugr’s teaser video. The program was created with input from doctors, dieticians, nurses, and people with diabetes themselves, and hopes to provide judgment-free education and training for people with type 2 diabetes. mySugr Academy consists of a ten-part video series, as well as interactive games and articles. The videos in the type 2 curriculum cover a variety of topics, including blood sugar, healthy food, daily exercise, metabolic syndrome, and more. The first two videos are free (check out the first lesson here!), and the full program costs $129 a year (it is a bundled package that includes other mySugr products and upcoming services). Anyone interested can sign up at this link.

From what we’ve seen, the videos in the series are fun, simple, and short (those we’ve watched are about five minutes long). We appreciate the use of engaging graphics and metaphors to teach complicated topics – for example, a comparison of a cell’s sugar use to an actual sugar factory. Particularly for anyone recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, mySugr Academy provides an amusing and educational overview of the basics of the disease and how to manage it.

We’re hopeful for a potential type 1 curriculum to be launched in the future. For now, type 1 users can still use the mySugr app, a valuable logging tool to keep track of blood sugars, food, insulin doses, and more. –AJW

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