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New 12-Week Type 2 Diabetes Wellness Program from Samsung Health and WellDoc

Updated: 8/14/21 3:00 amPublished: 3/28/18
By Jeemin KwonAdam Brown

By Jeemin Kwon, Brian Levine, and Adam Brown

Free through Samsung Health app on Samsung devices for a limited time. Includes videos and quizzes, data logging, and feedback on entries

WellDoc’s new Diabetes Wellness Program (DWP), a 12-week digital health and wellness program tailored for people with type 2 diabetes is available through the Samsung Health app in the US. DWP provides interactive quizzes and videos; a logbook for food, exercise, sleep, medication, and blood glucose; and immediate feedback on glucose entries. For a limited time, this 12-week digital health and wellness program will be free, after which it will cost just $2.99 per month ($8.97 for the 12 weeks). Users do not need a prescription or referral to sign up, but they must have a Samsung device. DWP may be particularly helpful for those still working on settling into a routine of diabetes management or those who want a refresher. 

Anyone who has the Samsung Health app – even people without type 2 diabetes – can access DWP. Most newer Samsung devices are compatible with the app (Galaxy S and Note 6, 7, 8, and 9). In the Samsung Health app, users can find DWP under “Programs” and “Disease Management.”

While DWP does not provide feedback on medications – for instance, it does not have an insulin dose calculator (which we hope it will do in the future) – it does provide a range of personalized lifestyle-focused functions. In addition to keeping sleep, exercise, and blood glucose data in one place, DWP responds to blood glucose entries – e.g., “Hello, John. Your BG of 227 is high. Since you’re about to snack, keep an eye on your carbs.” DWP also has medication reminders and interactive, educational content that draws from the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors. The app also tracks how many blood glucose readings were in range, offers guides on when to check blood glucose, and records glucose readings in the context of meals and physical activity (see screenshots below). To date, we don’t know of any diabetes devices that send data directly to the Samsung Health app but presumably this could come in the future – i.e., like glucose meters and CGMs that send data to Apple’s Health.

Notably, Samsung Health users already have access to telehealth services through Amwell, allowing people to video chat with healthcare providers any time of the day. This, in combination with DWP, could be very positive for access to care – especially those living far from an endocrinologist or primary care provider. 

Eventually, DWP may be integrated into the Samsung Health incentives program, which allows users to redeem rewards and even get free Samsung products by completing certain actions.

For those who do want more medication guidance, WellDoc also has a prescription-only “BlueStar Rx,” which has an insulin bolus calculator in addition to many of DWP’s features.

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