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Blood Sugar

Our deep dive on a new therapy now available in Europe – the benefits, risks, and when it might come to the US.
New blinded sensor worn for 14 days that will give a detailed picture of your glucose levels.
What this news means for the future of data integration, and what the “real magic” will be down the road.
Why we’re fans of the newest Bluetooth-enabled meter with an FDA-approved bolus advisor app.
Bringing added convenience to blood glucose monitoring in smartphone-connected device.
Plus, a first look at the Google/Dexcom bandage-like CGM and the smart new Clarity software.
IBM and Medtronic announce the first product out of their innovative partnership.
Smartphone user interface with no screen or buttons on the pump! Launch: 2018?
Shipping now! Patients must decide between data on the phone or pump.
Major 55% reduction in hypoglycemia (30 minutes less per day!); why didn’t A1c improve?
More flexible data viewing, customizable alarms, excellent Clarity analysis software, and why expectations are so high.
Pivotal trial to start in early 2017. What does glucagon add to automated insulin delivery?
Hello there from San Francisco! I wanted to weigh in, so to speak, on Adam Brown’s valuable column this month . His in-depth inquiry shows what a “low-carb” and “non-low...
The DreaMed Pump Advisor, Glooko app, Nutshell, and MyStar DoseCoach.
What I learned from doubling my carb intake: more work, more danger, but the same average blood sugar. Huh?
The two organizations expand their research partnership to support glucose responsive insulin.
Plus, exciting details on Google’s glucose-sensing contact lens!
My somewhat-impatient response to the recent New York Times article, “Some Older Patients Are Treated Not Wisely, but Too Much.”
Accu-Chek Connect System to be released on August 7 for $29.99.
Data from Bluetooth-enabled meter can now be shared with other health tracking apps.