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Blood Sugar

What does A1c miss and what can we do about it?
Key lessons learned from one woman’s ongoing battle with adrenal insufficiency, and the unexpected role of diabetes technology.
People with type 2 diabetes are far more willing than their doctors perceive to take action to achieve A1c goals
Data from Bluetooth-enabled meter can now be shared with other health tracking apps.
Adds waterproof, color screen, and remote meter bolus. Will it speed FDA review of the 670G hybrid closed loop?
Plus, Lilly invests $5 million! We talk to Dr. Ed Damiano to learn about the new Gen 3 version and upcoming studies.
A six-month study of Diasome Pharmaceuticals’ HDV Insulin in Type 1 Diabetes
Who is “closing the loop,” and how fast are they moving?
A world-renowned researcher’s seven tips for expectant mothers with type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes
Details on monthly test strip subscription plan and our first impressions.
Coming to US in Spring 2017: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to get it
Tripling my carbs --> 5 fewer hours in-range per day, 64% more insulin (!), & more lessons learned.
$99 device makes pump and CGM data viewable to Android smartphone users. Plus, a first look at cool pattern recognition in the Sugar.IQ app with IBM Watson
The artificial pancreas is here for those willing to build their own; what can manufacturers learn from OpenAPS?
Tighter requirements for home meters. What does this mean for current and future blood glucose monitors?
Strong results from the IMPACT study in low-A1c users.
Six systems expected by 2019, plus an FAQ! Which system is right for me?
Ginger Vieira and Jennifer Smith’s month-to-month guide for managing blood sugars, nutrition, exercise, and mental health during pregnancy
“Adam, what do you eat when you’re on a plane?” My six go-to strategies from hundreds of flights and airports
The lame food advice at Adam Brown's diagnosis, why it didn’t work, and Adam's #1 Bright Spot solution