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Blood Sugar

Bigfoot Biomedical and Abbott partner to use “next-generation” FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring sensor (no fingersticks needed) with Bigfoot’s automated insulin...
How do I stay in range while sleeping?
Novo Nordisk’s newest insulin receives EMA approval; expected to launch in the first half of 2017
Instead of “avoid long-term complications,” Adam Brown focuses on something more motivating and uplifting
Results from the type 2 diabetes group in Dexcom’s DIaMonD trial show A1c and time-in-range benefits
Amalgam Rx receives FDA clearance for basal insulin dosing app, iSage Rx; available with a prescription to adjust Lantus, Levemir, Toujeo, Tresiba, and Basaglar
Research reveals improved A1c and weight loss benefits for people with type 1 diabetes on sotagliflozin, but a slightly increased risk of DKA
New CONCEPTT trial results show improved newborn health and more time-in-range in women with type 1 diabetes using CGM during pregnancy
Faster version of Novo Nordisk’s NovoLog approved in the US for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, launch expected as early as end of 2017
Ease, comfort, and actionable patterns, but some challenges with insurance coverage
The new blood glucose meter features less expensive strips, uploads readings to smartphones, and integrates with mySugr
Learn practical tips on taking care of your feet and how to easily make them a part of daily diabetes management
Lilly’s Humalog Junior KwikPen offers 0.5 unit dose increments in prefilled, disposable device – a win for highly insulin sensitive users
Why a good night of sleep transforms Adam Brown's diabetes the next day
Training to be tested in a small group before the full launch starts in June
Full results of DEVOTE study presented at ADA 2017 show that basal insulin Tresiba reduces risk of severe hypoglycemia by 40% (by 53% overnight), in addition to being...
The new CITY trial will enroll 200 young adults with type 1 diabetes to study the impact of CGM use on diabetes, especially when A1c levels are high.The new CITY trial...
Recommendations from the American College of Physicians focus on relaxing A1c goals without considering up-to-date CGM and therapy options
Available for BCBS members in South Carolina and Arkansas, with Georgia coming soon; program includes an app, coaching, a connected meter, and unlimited supplies at no...
Farxiga and Sotagliflozin are the first pills to seek approval as add-ons to insulin for type 1; both bring strong time-in-range benefits, and if approved, might launch...