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Clinical Trials

Learn about clinical trials for new diabetes treatments, technology, and care programs that may be recruiting people with diabetes in your area.

Help overcome one of researchers’ major challenges: recruiting participants.
New trial testing the inhaled, ultra-rapid insulin in 4-17 year olds.
Clinical trial currently enrolling for type 2 diabetes – find out if you qualify for this study.
Plus, a massive $2 billion investment in new production facilities!
Intarcia just announced exciting results for ITCA 650 , a small implanted device to treat type 2 diabetes. The tiny device is implanted under the skin just once or twice...
The 338-patient, Dexcom-sponsored DIaMonD Study aims to find out.
Currently recruiting in people newly diagnosed with type 1.
One of the biggest drug highlights at the 2015 ADA Scientific Sessions was a compelling presentation by diaTribe scientific Advisory Board member Dr. John Buse on brand...
The clinical trial is testing Medtronic’s 670G “hybrid-closed loop” system (insulin pump + Enlite 3 CGM sensor) in people with type 1 diabetes. Based on the Enlite 3 CGM...
Find out if you qualify for this cutting-edge trial.
How a new trial is testing a novel pill for blood glucose management – currently enrolling!
Another diabetes drug that helps people lose weight?
How this two-week trial looks to bring the Libre technology to health care.
A clinical trial takes a new approach to type 1 prevention research.
How will a new drug fare in a 4,000-patient, four-year study?
Can a drug long-used to treat gout be effective at preventing diabetic kidney disease?
What happens when these two unique drugs are taken together?
Clinical Trial Identifier: NCT02283411 This 14-day study is testing the safety and accuracy of the “Abbott sensor based glucose monitoring system,” which we already know... Identifier: NCT00206362 This study aims to determine how one's ability to cope with diabetes affects blood glucose control in type 1s between the ages... Identifier: NCT00920582 This study is currently recruiting patients recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes to investigate the efficacy of teplizumab...