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# DiabetesEmpowerment: support people with type 2 diabetes by uploading a motivating video, photo, or quote!
What is the role of the health humanities in diabetes care?
How will this expansion help tackle urban diabetes worldwide?
How many people have type 1? What are the barriers to using new therapies? What outcomes matter beyond A1c?
What does the head of the largest diabetes charity in the UK have to say about the future of diabetes prevention, treatment, and research?
Insights from Dr. Sean Vasaitis on what makes D.A.I.L.Y. unique.
Incredible presentation from CEO Derek Rapp on the state of the foundation. Plus, updates on the Bionic Pancreas and ViaCyte!
Plus, turning our eyes to the future in 2016!
Kit includes a glucose monitor, an insulin pump and pen, glucose tablets, and more.
Plus, what we learned about Companion Medical’s smart insulin pen.
Bringing accountability and investor thinking to big health challenges. Plus, Q&A with Founder Esther Dyson.
Plus, tips for traveling safely with diabetes.
How Insulin for Life is bringing lifesaving diabetes supplies to low resource countries.
Help overcome one of researchers’ major challenges: recruiting participants.
How you can tell drug and device makers what YOU want from diabetes products.
Yesterday, Sanofi announced a partnership with Google Life Sciences to improve diabetes care through new sensors, wearable devices, and better software. The partnership...
Dexcom and Google just announced that they have joined forces to develop a next generation of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) that will be smaller and less expensive...
Seeking to reach over 31,000 older adults with prediabetes over the next two years.
Building the next generation of diabetes advocates.
New non-profit aims to change the way people view type 1 diabetes.