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Diabetes Device News

Diabetes Devices monitor and help to manage your blood sugar levels to try to stay within the target range, helping prevent complications of diabetes.

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Starting in 2012, the American Diabetes Association established the Pathway to Stop Diabetes initiative, a $1.6 million grant (paid over five years) to support the...
Why 2015 may be the “tipping point” for digital therapies in diabetes.
Where can you get one? Design, features, and prices explained.
At the Consumer Electronic’s Show in Las Vegas, Dexcom presented the first mock-up we’ve ever seen of its Gen 5 CGM integrated directly with an Apple iPhone app and...
"We want people to be able to take all the energy that goes into managing T1D and direct that effort to lives well lived."
Kicking off this weekend, what are we most excited about for this year’s ADA?
Plus, a new consumer version launches for $59/year.
Our interview with Manny. Plus, a 2-way cellular-enabled touchscreen glucose meter, unlimited strips, and contextual diabetes coaching for a competitive monthly fee?
14-day sensor to replace glucose meters, but provide CGM-like info. Now available in Europe. When is it coming to the US? Read more for our full experience testing this...
The delicate balance of portraying type 1 diabetes in the media.
Expands capabilities for loved ones beyond iPhone. What will Gen 5 bring?
Our main takeaways from this conference: new apps, startling statistics, and more!
Turning the tables…
Clinical Trial Identifier: NCT02283411 This 14-day study is testing the safety and accuracy of the “Abbott sensor based glucose monitoring system,” which we already know...
Twitter summary: Major updates from @MDT_Diabetes on the 640G predictive #insulin suspend for #diabetes from #ATTD2015
Combining pump, CGM, meter, exercise, and carb data in a cool new interface…
Changes at the FDA and thoughts on the artificial pancreas!
Snap pumpers can transition to other pump companies at low cost – find out details here.
Plus, a guide to choosing between the six pumps available!
What’s next for getting this software to patients?