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Diabetes Device News

Diabetes Devices monitor and help to manage your blood sugar levels to try to stay within the target range, helping prevent complications of diabetes.

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For once, we’ve been using a new diabetes app with regularity. It's called Meal Memory (free for Apple, Android devices), and it revolves around a super simple concept:...
Pivotal trial to start in early 2017. What does glucagon add to automated insulin delivery?
Why we’re fans of the newest Bluetooth-enabled meter with an FDA-approved bolus advisor app.
How to join focus groups about the human side of closing the loop – all done remotely!
Smartphone user interface with no screen or buttons on the pump! Launch: 2018?
In J&J’s most recent quarterly update call, we learned of plans to launch the Calibra Finesse bolus-only, wearable insulin delivery device in the US in 2016. The...
The DreaMed Pump Advisor, Glooko app, Nutshell, and MyStar DoseCoach.
Kelly’s take on connecting through technology at AADE15.
Testing TypeZero’s inControl artificial pancreas, six months at a time.
Accu-Chek Connect System to be released on August 7 for $29.99.
Plus, a first look at the Google/Dexcom bandage-like CGM and the smart new Clarity software.
Enrolling now – how this implanted CGM compares to current CGM offerings.
Medicare Advantage pilot study shows average of 8.7% weight loss after six months.
Flat insulin allows for flexible dosing with lower likelihood of hypoglycemia. How is it priced vs. Levemir?
Award honors innovations to personalize care.
Shipping now! Patients must decide between data on the phone or pump.
Insights from Dr. Sean Vasaitis on what makes D.A.I.L.Y. unique.
Marks the largest ever one-time research investment from the AHA – how Google is planning to “shake it up.”
Comment by March 26 to ensure that diabetes devices easily communicate with one another, other devices, and software.
New blinded sensor worn for 14 days that will give a detailed picture of your glucose levels.