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Diabetes Device News

Diabetes Devices monitor and help to manage your blood sugar levels to try to stay within the target range, helping prevent complications of diabetes.

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No fingersticks needed? Plus, a look at the “thinnest CGM ever” from Dexcom and Verily
Views on FDA regulation, pipeline updates, and first vs. next-generation systems.
Launches in the next 12-18 months. What we’re excited about…!
TCOYD’s CGM Medicare Appeals Assistance Program may be able to help!
Glucose, food, exercise, and even DIY closed loop on the phone
Details on monthly test strip subscription plan and our first impressions.
The artificial pancreas is here for those willing to build their own; what can manufacturers learn from OpenAPS?
A1c cannot capture the whole picture – hypoglycemia, time in range, and quality of life add so much more!
Abbott’s free Android app for caregivers is now available
How many people have type 1? What are the barriers to using new therapies? What outcomes matter beyond A1c?
Understanding the UnitedHealthcare/Medtronic partnership in the context of the Affordable Care Act.
Brings real-time insulin tracking, history, and a bolus calculator to injectors; launch in 2017
New OneTouch Reveal app works with Apple and Android phones. Plus, a future partnership to integrate WellDoc’s FDA-approved BlueStar software.
Six systems expected by 2019, plus an FAQ! Which system is right for me?
How to test your receiver to make sure it is working properly.
Strong results from the IMPACT study in low-A1c users.
What Abbott, Dexcom, LifeScan, Medtronic, Tandem, and others are bringing to make diabetes easier and less burdensome
Dexcom’s new insertion, Android G5, touchscreen receiver; Medtronic’s Android MiniMed Connect, Hypo Prediction App, 670G, and Guardian Connect.
A key step for obtaining Medicare coverage (hopefully expected in 2018), for increasing safety, and for encouraging CGM use
What to do if you have United insurance.