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Diabetes Device News

Diabetes Devices monitor and help to manage your blood sugar levels to try to stay within the target range, helping prevent complications of diabetes.

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Using time-in-range to assess risk for complications, Omnipod Horizon Closed Loop, Bihormonal closed loop (insulin + Pramlintide), SGLT-2 oral drug for type 1, and more!
Less intimidating insertion for pump users: peel tape, remove cover, one button to insert; available in Europe, with more countries coming later this year
Delays caused by sensor shortages largely resolved; MiniMed 670G now ships as soon as insurance is approved; a new assistance program to help with upfront costs
New Dexcom G6-compatible Basal-IQ system prevents/reduces hypoglycemia based on CGM; US launch expected in August, including free software update for current users
Dexcom G6 cleared by FDA with no fingerstick calibrations, 10-day wear time, approval for ages 2 years and older, no acetaminophen interference, and more
If you have a Fitbit, check out the diabetes communities in the app for tips and support from fellow people with diabetes
The S-ICD is an FDA-approved device that can prevent sudden cardiac arrest; this trial is testing it in people with diabetes who’ve had prior heart attacks with...
First implantable CGM available in the US! Eversense is expected to launch July 2018
Limited launch in May-July. No receiver! Smartphone-only display on Apple iOS devices. Plus, the new “personal diabetes assistant,” Sugar.IQ with Watson
ADA is around the corner, and there’s going to be exciting updates on diabetes drugs and therapy, devices, big picture questions, #beyondA1C, and advocacy; stay tuned!
Siren’s machine washable, dryable socks use temperature monitoring as a convenient way to alert users of potential injuries and help prevent complications
Free through Samsung Health app on Samsung devices for a limited time. Includes videos and quizzes, data logging, and feedback on entries
Medtronic hopes to launch at least 10 products over the next two years: new CGM and apps, 670G pump with Bluetooth, AI, and more!
Physicians, diabetes educators, and research scientists share their own health bright spots in food and exercise, technology, and more
Ultra-slim patch supports convenient mealtime insulin dosing; wearers just hit two buttons simultaneously to deliver 2 units at a time; acquired by CeQur as J&J...
The upcoming Basal-IQ predictive low glucose suspend system (summer 2018 launch expected), plus plans for Control-IQ hybrid closed loop, a mobile app, and the t:sport “...
Limited US launch beginning in second half of this year, with full launch in early 2019; Dash PDM Handheld will be free with purchase of pods
Experts and innovators from all corners gathered to share the latest in new technology and treatments for people with diabetes, focusing on improving CGM and outcomes...
Recruiting now! This major study will support FDA submission of Tandem’s t:slim X2 with Control-IQ and Dexcom G6 in people with type 1 ages 14 and up; includes automatic...
One study seeks 920 adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes not currently using a CGM; another is recruiting 400 children and teens with diabetes