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Diabetes Device News

Diabetes Devices monitor and help to manage your blood sugar levels to try to stay within the target range, helping prevent complications of diabetes.

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Nurse and diabetes educator (and person with type 2 diabetes in remission!) Michael Hattori introduces seven self-care behaviors that provide a foundation for managing...
Dr. Robert Ratner, former top scientific and medical chief of the ADA, is appointed as Chief Medical Officer of Virta Health
Dr. Diana Isaacs on improving time in range, making the most of your data, and the barriers facing people with diabetes and their healthcare teams
Katie Bacon talks with healthcare professionals, parents, and students about when and how to give children and teens more responsibility in their diabetes management
This June, Dexcom will stop selling G4 Platinum and G5 CGM transmitters; the Dexcom Share 2 application will cease working. Starting in 2021, you will not be able to...
The FDA will allow people with diabetes to use CGM in hospitals during the pandemic; Abbott and Dexcom are donating CGMs to hospitals in the US
Mark Harmel, MPH, CDCES, discusses how his clinic is moving to telemedicine in the time of COVID-19 and how to share data from many diabetes devices
Dr. Fran Kaufman, a pediatric endocrinologist, shares 9 key steps to get the most out of your virtual visit
Dr. Messer and Dr. Riddell give tips on how to use AID devices to manage blood glucose levels while exercising
In Europe, the Dexcom G6 CGM received approval for pregnant women with diabetes
Control-IQ vs. Basal-IQ, Medtronic’s 7-day infusion set, NovoPen 6, the power of virtual diabetes care, #LanguageMatters, and more!
Insulet partners with Abbott and Dexcom to develop Omnipod Horizon systems
Michael writes about how he used two main strategies – intermittent fasting and walking after meals ­– to put his type 2 diabetes into remission
More time in range and lower stress! In this Trial Watch, Kerri Sparling shares her experience with Tandem's Control-IQ
Cigna health insurance will now cover the 90-day implantable Eversense CGM for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who take insulin
The diaTribe team was on the ground in Madrid, Spain to cover the latest news in diabetes technology from ATTD. Here are our top highlights from the conference!
Medtronic has recalled its MiniMed 600 series pumps due to damaged retainer rings that may cause hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia; check your pump regularly
The first of its kind, Why WAIT is a creative app-based approach to weight loss and diabetes management
Michael writes about his diagnosis with type 2 diabetes, and how he used a CGM to put his type 2 diabetes into remission
Available now to California residents, Steady Health offers remote, full-service care for type 1 or type 2 diabetes from a team of endocrinologists, nurses and care...