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Diabetes & Weight Loss News

Why it may suggest shifting attitudes towards body image – and not in a good way.
Medicare Advantage pilot study shows average of 8.7% weight loss after six months.
His daily routines, goals, and biggest advice for anyone trying to lose weight.
A new bill would put limits on fast food calories, fat, and sugar in kids’ meals.
Practical advice for eating and drinking to combat childhood obesity.
Further evidence underlying the exceedingly crucial need for more pilots in obesity.
Another move from northern California to combat childhood obesity.
One of the biggest drug highlights at the 2015 ADA Scientific Sessions was a compelling presentation by diaTribe scientific Advisory Board member Dr. John Buse on brand...
Another diabetes drug that helps people lose weight?
What this dramatic movement in obesity therapy means for patients in Europe.
Our main takeaways from this conference: new apps, startling statistics, and more!
Will it be the first US city to have warning labels for sugary drinks?
Current trial results show that obese patients using Contrave are about 41% less likely to experience any major heart event (e.g. heart attack, strokes, or heart-related...
What other fast food chains are already on board?
Major A1c improvements, weight loss, and no injections!
Twitter summary: FDA approves Novo Nordisk’s chronic weight management drug Saxenda, another option to help treat #obesity On December 23, the FDA approved Novo Nordisk’...
Three things to know about the new US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, who has his sights set on tackling obesity.
The two trillion dollar problem – a new report provides a groundbreaking look at the worldwide cost of obesity.
What can obesity learn from seatbelts, airbags, and tobacco? Our interview with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Dr. Marks.
Twitter summary: Contrave launched in the US w/ weight support program + savings/loyalty programs offer new option for patients Two healthcare companies, Orexigen and...