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“I didn’t know my blood sugar was low” – why this can happen and how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation
Adding 20 new factors, a whole new category on behavior and decisions, and research on unexpected things that impact blood sugar and diabetes
Abbott’s no-calibration CGM available at pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens for a cash price ranging from about $36-$53/10-day sensor; get cost and prescription details...
US Launch Expected in Early 2018; weight loss, major A1c reduction, and the convenience of a once-weekly injection in this new GLP-1 agonist
Why we use A1C, what values are recommended, and what impacts A1C – everything from anemia to vitamins
Results from the Diabetes Technology Society’s Blood Glucose Meter Surveillance Program identifies only six out of 18 meters that passed. Did yours make the cut?
Exercise has been one of four complete gamechangers for managing my type 1 diabetes, but it can frequently be a source of confusion, frustration, exhaustion, and blood...
Want better blood sugars? Adam takes a step-by-step approach, with very positive results.