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Newly Diagnosed

A diabetes diagnosis can be frightening and confusing. Taking care of your mental health (as well as your physical health) is key to living a healthy life with diabetes...
Download our new, beautiful 42 Factors Poster and Booklet – free! Plus, launch of the new with 42 Factors Posters and Bright Spots stickers!
What is DKA, and what can patients do to prevent this diabetes complication?
diaTribe partnered with Abbott and Novo Nordisk to bring you the Time in Range Hub – a new online resource to help you and your healthcare providers learn about Time in...
Julie Heverly describes one harrowing day when her glucose levels teetered between way too high and way too low and how she navigated this challenge.
We tend to think of people with type 1 diabetes as kids, but in fact, over half of the 30,000 new cases of type 1 diabetes diagnosed each year are adults. And, because...
What can Type 1 University really teach you? See what type 1 maven Adam Brown has to say about Gary Scheiner's new brainchild.
Nine year-old Boaz Alkalay offers a rare glimpse of diabetes through the eyes of a child.
Newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? The top ten things you should know!
Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Have a parent or a friend recently diagnosed? The top ten things to know from co-managing editor Adam Brown!
Twitter summary: CDC report shows most #PWD don’t receive adequate education at diagnosis, plus resources to help The CDC recently published a report on the...
How his story helps shatter some of the common stereotypes about type 2 diabetes.
Use 4 mm needles, rotate injection sites, and more – why the little stuff matters
CNN correspondent Oren Liebermann on being diagnosed with diabetes in Nepal
Diabetes management programs that are six weeks long and great ways to learn how to manage medications, healthy eating, activity, and more!
A review of how far GLP-1 agonists have come – drugs for type 2 diabetes that help with not only blood sugar management, but with weight loss and heart health too
How you can get a copy of Bright Spots & Landmines: The Diabetes Guide I Wish Someone Had Handed Me.
Dr. Diana Isaacs on CGM, “shared” appointments, and identifying “Bright Spots” and “Landmines.” Plus, how to find a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist near you
En el Mes Nacional de la Salud de las Minorías, el autor comparte la historia de su diagnóstico de diabetes tipo 2
La importancia de la comunicación, volver a una “nueva vida normal”, superar el miedo y encontrar una comunidad para un adolescente recientemente diagnosticado