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The latest research in type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and beyond. Here you’ll find information on experimental therapies, new data and results, and scientific findings.

Views on FDA regulation, pipeline updates, and first vs. next-generation systems.
Type 1 diabetes has been prevented and cured in more than 500 ways in mice, but never in humans. nPOD researchers are trying to change that, one donated organ at a time.
TZD drug pioglitazone becomes second-ever diabetes drug to reduce heart disease and first to reduce strokes. Who might this benefit most?
By Christie Auyeung Last summer, the Diabetes Research Connection (DRC) officially launched a novel crowdfunding platform that directly connects donors with early-career...
Incredible presentation from CEO Derek Rapp on the state of the foundation. Plus, updates on the Bionic Pancreas and ViaCyte!
A new study from Dr. Doug Melton’s team provides hope for the future of stem cell treatment in diabetes. But there’s still a long way to go.
What are the projections for 2040?
When might this product reach the market?
A 38% decrease in cardiovascular death is exciting, but our work is nowhere near done.
Breaking news from Stockholm, Sweden, where our team is on the ground at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Conference – one of the largest...
Plus, an interview with Dr. Anne Peters on 23andMe and the future of individualized care.
Why the company decided against pursuing its type 2 GLP-1 drug Victoza to the FDA for use in type 1 diabetes.
Closed loop systems, stem cells, smart insulin, and more!
Moving the field closer to finding a cure in humans through an innovative tissue donation program – find out how you can support this work!
15 year-old Amelia Cooper was one of over 150 children who visited Washington, DC as delegates for JDRF Children's Congress on July 13-15. She and other children and...
Crowdfunding – say hello to diabetes with Diabetes Research Connection.
Grant will fund up to five projects focused on genetic risk for type 1 diabetes.
And “potentially transformative” advances coming for type 1 diabetes.
Zosano Pharma is making early progress with an innovative patch-based glucagon delivery system for severe hypoglycemia, recently announcing that it has completed...
There was a lot of interest this ADA in the Harvard Stem Cell Institute's diabetes research (not yet in humans), which has previously shown the ability to produce mature...