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Type 1 Diabetes News

Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic condition in which your body loses the ability to produce insulin, which is necessary for most cells to convert food into energy and regulate blood sugar levels. 

Noted cardiologist, Dr. Nissen on Avandia.
Brave steps into the high tech pump world.
(S)he said what?!?
The ADA and diabetes technology.
Olive oil, wine and the ‘French Paradox.’
From conferences to Avandia to burritos… What a trip!
A challenge to the Acting Surgeon General.
The latest research on inhaled insulin and stem cell therapy
Putting on the OmniPod
In April, the FDA approved the FreeStyle Lite meter, which requires no coding. It’s similar to the very small FreeStyle Flash, though apparently won’t be replacing it at...
During this year’s Super Bowl, a commercial for the American Heart Association’s online risk calculator caught Americans in the act – of stuffing their faces with corn...
Jenna Scarsi, a diabetes educator from the Chicago area with type 1 diabetes, recently won the Bayer Dream Fund, an annual $100,000 fellowship to help people accomplish...
Drug and device companies are increasingly using “direct-to-consumer” marketing to diabetic patients as well as to doctors and educators. As we’ve written, this can be a...
For those on or considering the basal insulin Lantus, a new disposable pen is out. Approved by the FDA on April 30, this new option for Lantus – called the SoloStar –...
The woman who's been on insulin longer than anyone
Speaking with the CEO of insulin maker Novo Nordisk
Why we like to pump it up!
A healthy, happy baby shows me how far we've come
We review an excellent book by blogger extraordinare Amy Tenderich
Two new products - a transmitter for a continuous glucose sensor and glucose meter - have recently come out, and their principal advantage is their small size. How do we...