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Type 1 Diabetes News

Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic condition in which your body loses the ability to produce insulin, which is necessary for most cells to convert food into energy and regulate blood sugar levels. 

The diaTribe Foundation convenes key diabetes experts to discuss glycemic outcomes beyond A1C on July 21, 2017, in Bethesda, MD
Implanted sensor with on-body transmitter lasts more than 12x longer than other CGMs; launch expected in Europe in late 2017
Sanofi’s My Dose Coach app joins other insulin dosing apps recently cleared by the FDA, and new dosing tools from Novo Nordisk/Glooko and others are also in the works
How Adam Brown learned to make low-carb food tasty, doable, portable, and fun. Plus, cool new diabetes food experiments he's been testing!
How it works and why it could help with exercise challenges. Plus, how diaTribe readers can try it for free
Third diabetes partnership for Fitbit, focused on integrating activity and sleep data with diabetes data on the phone and watch
CNN correspondent Oren Liebermann on being diagnosed with diabetes in Nepal
Friends For Life tips on being open about diabetes in families, choosing a new pump, updates on diabetes technology
Health Canada has approved the once-daily insulin for adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
Ease, comfort, and actionable patterns, but some challenges with insurance coverage
Get weekly email and phone notifications summarizing time-in-range and glucose trends from the updated Dexcom Clarity app
Device Updates from Abbott, Dexcom, Insulet, Medtronic, and Tandem
What are the options for approximately 90,000 Animas pumpers worldwide and for others considering a new pump? What does it mean for the pump market and patient choice?
A workshop hosted by the JDRF and Helmsley Charitable Trust brought together leaders in the field to discuss opportunities and advances in the treatment and possible...
Breaking down employer-based health insurance, employee health benefits, and employee rights for people with diabetes
How to get cheaper drugs, find discount programs, get free care in clinical trials, and more
Lilly announces new program, in partnership with Express Scripts, to provide insulin directly to people with diabetes and high out of pocket drug expenses
First trial next month, launch expected in 2-3 years; Dexcom CGM included; a big commitment to diabetes tech innovation from an insulin company
The most popular diabetes app in the world, mySugr offers coaching and tools to track blood sugar, medications, exercise, and “makes diabetes suck less”
Trial results testing sotagliflozin and Farxiga in type 1 diabetes show greater A1c lowering and weight loss, plus continued conversation about small risk of DKA