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Type 1 Diabetes News

Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic condition in which your body loses the ability to produce insulin, which is necessary for most cells to convert food into energy and regulate blood sugar levels. 

A major call for creativity, urgency, and new approaches to behavior change from expert panelists at SXSW 2017
Research presented at ADA’s 2017 conference shows exciting advances in a host of diabetes drugs – including heart benefits, improved glucose control, lower cholesterol,...
Comparing Medtronic’s MiniMed 670G to injections and pumps in people with type 1 diabetes, with and without CGM; enrollment to open in May at some trial locations
Research reveals improved A1c and weight loss benefits for people with type 1 diabetes on sotagliflozin, but a slightly increased risk of DKA
How I avoid highs, prevent lows, and stop blood sugar frustration during exercise
Hosted by TCOYD in San Diego, CA from June 23-25; early-bird registration until March 23
How one court ruling may reverse Medicare’s policy denying coverage of most CGMs
How do I stay in range while sleeping?
Dell Medical School’s Dr. Sue Cox leads SXSW 2017 panel on how redesigning medical education may improve diabetes care delivery
Kelly Close and Adam Brown lead expert panel discussion at The diaTribe Foundation’s second annual diabetes digital health gathering at ADA 2017
How do I talk to family and friends about diabetes? Is this MY burden to bear? Are loved ones a “diabetes bright spot” or “diabetes police”?
FDA approves Lucentis for all types of diabetic retinopathy and IBM announces a new technology that helps doctors better diagnose retinopathy
Dexcom CGM for Medicare shipments start with hopefully more to come, Ascencia Contour Next One meter added, and why remote monitoring is not enabled
Information about diabetes supplies for those hit by the storms and for those who can help them
The FDA decision on Novo Nordisk’s basal insulin is based on positive safety and efficacy data of Tresiba versus other basal insulins
What does donated diabetes data tell us about time-in-range across different age groups?
Training to be tested in a small group before the full launch starts in June
The diaTribe Foundation’s first “Musings After Hours” discussion with leading experts on digital health and tech in diabetes
Initiative encourages pump and CGM devices to use “open protocols” to enable the DIY community, innovation, and more options for automated insulin delivery
Last chance to register for this amazing event!