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Type 2 Diabetes News

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic condition involving high blood sugar levels and reduced production and responsiveness to insulin.     

How to test your receiver to make sure it is working properly.
JDRF and Helmsley Charitable Trust workshop highlights future goals and expectations for glucose-responsive insulin.
Stephen England discusses balancing elite ultramarathon competitions with a full-time job and diabetes
Key lessons learned from one woman’s ongoing battle with adrenal insufficiency, and the unexpected role of diabetes technology.
Launches in the next 12-18 months. What we’re excited about…!
What Abbott, Dexcom, LifeScan, Medtronic, Tandem, and others are bringing to make diabetes easier and less burdensome
Who is “closing the loop,” and how fast are they moving?
A standing ovation for Dr. Margaret Powers at ADA last month r Dr. Margaret Powers at ADA last month.
Tighter requirements for home meters. What does this mean for current and future blood glucose monitors?
What helps me feel less frustration, failure, struggle, and guilt.
Why the FDA may change its definition of healthy, and how it could impact people with diabetes. Plus, what's coming to nutrition labels?
ADA statement of support released at the 2 nd Diabetes Surgery Summit; highlights reversal of diabetes symptoms after surgery for some candidates
Dexcom’s new insertion, Android G5, touchscreen receiver; Medtronic’s Android MiniMed Connect, Hypo Prediction App, 670G, and Guardian Connect.
Public workshop scheduled at FDA for August 29, 2016. Get involved!
AADE’s Dr. Susan Guzman and diaTribe ’s Adam Brown discuss how common stigma is, why it matters, and tips to overcome it
“Monumental news for the 51% of American seniors living with prediabetes.”
The Annual TCOYD/The diaTribe Foundation Forum Celebrates its 10 th Anniversary in New Orleans
What is the role of the health humanities in diabetes care?
Disappointing lessons from “The Biggest Loser” participants’ experiences six years later.
Results from the SCALE study show weight loss, delayed onset of type 2 diabetes, and report improved quality of life