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Type 2 Diabetes News

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic condition involving high blood sugar levels and reduced production and responsiveness to insulin.     

Given that this plantation and all others like it were dedicated to sugar, the connection to diabetes is especially stark.
$99 device makes pump and CGM data viewable to Android smartphone users. Plus, a first look at cool pattern recognition in the Sugar.IQ app with IBM Watson
How sports can be a platform to tackle diabetes awareness and stigma.
Launching this June in Sweden, followed by Norway and Denmark. How does it compare to current CGM?
Find nearby T1D, T2D, gestational diabetes, and complications trials with new clinical trials matching tool launched by JDRF and TrialReach
New OneTouch Reveal app works with Apple and Android phones. Plus, a future partnership to integrate WellDoc’s FDA-approved BlueStar software.
Tripling my carbs --> 5 fewer hours in-range per day, 64% more insulin (!), & more lessons learned.
A world-renowned researcher’s seven tips for expectant mothers with type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes
What does the head of the largest diabetes charity in the UK have to say about the future of diabetes prevention, treatment, and research?
Adam Brown leads expert panel discussion at The diaTribe Foundation’s first-ever digital health gathering at ADA 2016.
Recruiting participants in Boston at the Joslin Diabetes Center
How to test your receiver to make sure it is working properly.
80 days, 5 lbs of weight loss, and my strongest blood glucose numbers ever?
MannKind has re-launched the inhaled mealtime insulin, Afrezza, alongside new initiatives to promote the product
New Livongo Family Care Plan available without a prescription or insurance
Dr. Shreela Sharma’s advice for eating well, moving more, and making goals stick in the New Year
Novo Nordisk’s newest insulin receives EMA approval; expected to launch in the first half of 2017
Why a good night of sleep transforms Adam Brown's diabetes the next day
A recent trial comparing once-weekly GLP-1 agonists semaglutide and Trulicity found improved A1c and double the weight loss with semaglutide
Easy-to-use Bydureon pen cuts down on the hassle of once-weekly injections by offering convenient mixing, a hidden needle, and more​