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The importance of sleep for teens with diabetes. Plus, key sleep strategies from young adults living with diabetes!
When will we see a 670G with Bluetooth and remote monitoring? Also, the upcoming MiniMed 780G with automatic boluses, a seven-day wear infusion set, and better Medtronic...
How Jamie Kurtzig, a high school student using a DIY automated insulin delivery system, manages her type 1 diabetes
In Canada, the G6 is expected to launch in late 2019 with no fingersticks and 10-day wear
Transitioning care from parent to child can be a stressful time for families with diabetes – six strategies on how to reduce the burden
How I managed my blood sugars after emergency surgery, IV dextrose madness, why CGM is desperately needed in the hospital, the ludicrous cost of fingersticks, and more
A study is enrolling over 100 people with type 2 between the ages of 10 and 18 years, examining Jardiance and Tradjenta
MiniMed 670G becomes the first hybrid closed loop system officially approved for type 1 pediatric use; systems are available now. European approval also received for 7...
U500 insulin delivery through Omnipod pump, comparing insulin secretion between Mediterranean and ketogenic meals, a head-to-head with Afrezza and NovoLog, Qtern...
Funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Global Platform for the Prevention of Autoimmune Diabetes has an ambitious mission
The new CITY trial will enroll 200 young adults with type 1 diabetes to study the impact of CGM use on diabetes, especially when A1c levels are high.The new CITY trial...
Acclaimed author James S. Hirsch on his encounter with a broken healthcare system while trying to obtain FreeStyle Libre for his teenage son
A new trial will test if the once-weekly injectable, Bydureon, is also safe and effective in adolescents.
Learn from the experts about how best to support teens with diabetes and engage in difficult health and wellbeing conversations
The FDA decision on Novo Nordisk’s basal insulin is based on positive safety and efficacy data of Tresiba versus other basal insulins
The bold new recommendation for children and their parents
College Diabetes Network’s free “Off to College” booklets on overcoming diabetes challenges during the college transition
Highlights from the first study of a commercial automated insulin delivery device. Plus, Medtronic’s latest software updates!
Revolution Foods, Plum Organics, and Kurbo Health: resources to bring nutrition education and meals to children in need.
Kit includes a glucose monitor, an insulin pump and pen, glucose tablets, and more.