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Novo Nordisk Launches Diabetes Health Coach, a Free Online Diabetes Support Program with Personalized Action Plans

Published: 11/24/14
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Twitter summary: Novo Nordisk gives patients individualized care strategy w/ #Diabetes Health Coach

In early November, Novo Nordisk re-launched its Cornerstones4Care program with a new “Diabetes Health Coach” tool. The program is free to the public and aims to provide people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes with individualized, actionable steps towards improving their diabetes management. To sign up, users take a quick personal health assessment, and then the tool provides a 12-week education and management plan, including diabetes-friendly recipes, management tips, educational resources, trackers to help patients monitor their diabetes, and reminders to help patients stay on track. This tool is just one of multiple health outreach updates from Novo Nordisk; they also announced Houston as their choice for the potentially groundbreaking “Cities Changing Diabetes” program.

The Cornerstones4Care program revolves around healthy eating, being active, taking medications, and tracking blood sugar levels. This program also helped launch the YouTube series “Breaking Down Diabetes” by YouTube personality Michael Stevens. It’s nice to see an integrative approach to diabetes management, as there are so many things that can influence someone’s blood sugar (22+ factors!). For those in need of education, motivation, personalized tips, or just reminders, you may find this free resource helpful. –AJW

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