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Novo Nordisk Receives FDA Clearance for NovoPen Echo, Designed for Children with Diabetes

Published: 8/27/13
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In August, the FDA granted clearance for the NovoPen Echo insulin pen, which will be used with NovoLog (insulin aspart) prefilled cartridges.  It is the first pen device in the US that will allow for half-unit dosing with a memory function. Half-unit dosing will allow for finer adjustments, which may be particularly important for children. The memory function will allow patients and caregivers to see how much insulin was administered in the last dose as well as how much time has passed since that dose. The NovoPen Echo has already launched in Europe, Canada, and Israel, and it is expected to become available in the US in early 2014. For more information on the NovoPen Echo and its kid-friendly features, see our new now next in diaTribe #20. –NL/JC

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